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“GUI”, you might have heard this term at least once in your lifetime. And if you are someone from a non-technical background then you must have definitely thought that what exactly is GUI? So here I am at your rescue to help you get familiar with the term and also share some facts regarding the origin and development of GUI.


Telemarketing – Everything You Need to Know

Telemarketing refers to the selling and promotion of products or services through the medium of telephones. It’s a method of direct marketing where the salesperson solicits the customers to buy those products and services.

Storage Devices

Storage Devices – Backbone of the Computing World

Storage devices refer to the hardware that is used to store data and information on a permanent or a temporary basis.
They are the computing hardware that is capable of storing, porting as well as extracting data files and objects. The devices can be both internal or external. The devices can be internal or external also to a server or some other computing device that is similar in nature with computers.
Let’s study the types of storage devices used.