Best Mattress In India

Indian market is flooded with brands that claim to be providing ultimate comfort and highly reliable quality that makes their mattresses best mattress in the market.
But to help you filter the best of the brands and most reliable products in the market we have curated the list of Top 10 mattresses in India. Let us check the mattresses as below.

Telemarketing – Everything You Need to Know

Telemarketing refers to the selling and promotion of products or services through the medium of telephones. It’s a method of direct marketing where the salesperson solicits the customers to buy those products and services.

Storage Devices – Backbone of the Computing World

Storage devices refer to the hardware that is used to store data and information on a permanent or a temporary basis.
They are the computing hardware that is capable of storing, porting as well as extracting data files and objects. The devices can be both internal or external. The devices can be internal or external also to a server or some other computing device that is similar in nature with computers.
Let’s study the types of storage devices used.

Government denies passing order to ban Tik Tok

The government clarifies that no order has been passed to ban Chinese apps like Tik Tok, CamScanner, and ShareIt from Google play store and App store.
Due to the rising tensions between India and China related to border disputes, Chinese apps have been facing a backlash by Indians and are constantly being subjugated to be banned from India. Read More…

Google Helps You Find COVID-19 Authorized Testing Center

One can now locate nearby authorized COVID-19 testing centers using Google Maps, Assistant, and Search.
Here is how you can look for a testing centre on Google Apps:
Users can find information related to nearest COVID testing labs by simply typing the keywords such as… Read More