Xiaomi to launch Mi Notebook in India

Xiaomi India MD Manu Jain confirmed that Mi laptop will launch in India on June 11, 2020 which is next week. This Laptop is exclusively designed for India.

After releasing the teaser of the Mi laptop last week, Xiaomi has finally given the release date of the Mi Notebook in India which will be on June11. The Chinese Company is all set to launch its laptop and India will witness its first global launch in the upcoming week. The launch date was revealed by Xiaomi India Chief Manu Kumar Jain via tweet where he also stated that the laptop has been designed by keeping in mind the Indian customers and the features are exclusive to India. This ultimately brings us to expect the features of the laptop are going to be primarily focused on the Indian users and modified as per the requirements of Indians. After winning the Indian customers in the smartphones category, the company is all set to be a tough competition to the laptop brands like HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo in the Indian market. The company will launch the laptops in the similar manner as earlier the other Mi products were launched in India i.e. online launch.

As stated by the company, the laptop will be available in global markets by this year but they are all set to launch first in India because of the potential buyers in Indian market and the popularity of the brand among Indians. Xiaomi has taken a smart move by launching laptop at this time as the world is going through pandemic and people are preferring work from home which ultimately aims at increasing sales of the laptops. So, considering this factor we may not be wrong to expect more Mi laptops launches in the coming times.

According to a report, the Mi Notebook will be a rebranding of the RedmiBook 13 with better internal parts. The RedmiBook 13 is already available in China since last December and was priced at approximately INR 44,000 for the base model. Just like Mi and Redmi phones, Indian customers are expecting their laptops to be in an affordable range too but the recent reports suggested that this may not be the case. Well, for the pricing of the laptops we shall wait till the launch of Mi Notebooks.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook: What to expect?

Xiaomi to launch Mi Notebook in India
Xiaomi to launch Mi Notebook in India

The company had confirmed in a media interaction that the initial units will be imported and later as the demand grows in the country they will setup manufacturing units in India. They also claim that their Mi Notebook is nothing like anything India has previously witnessed in the laptop segments. While there is lot suspense created by the company about what they are bringing for Indian buyers, there is one thing for sure that all these features and latest technology imbibed in the laptop is not going to make it a less expensive buy.

There are lot of products under the Mi sub branding which are on the expensive side and by the company’s interactions with media all that is concluding to only one point that these laptop series are going to be on the expensive side.

Xiaomi has been constantly hinting us on Made for India features which makes us more curious as to what will be the features that are going to be available to the buyers. Talking about the demand driven specs, currently it has focused on the two mainstream criteria of the laptops which are the body being thin and lightweight and secondly gaming which is witnessing huge growth in the market.

Display: The Mi Notebook is expected to have 13.3 inch display with full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Memory: It will have 10th Gen Intel processor with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage.

Gaming: For gamers there will Nvidia MX series graphics cards that are powerful enough to handle casual gaming and picture editing with ease.

Battery: The laptop will accompany a 65W power adapter and support for 1C charging. This will help in charging upto 50% in less than 30 minutes.
Xiaomi also claims 11 hours of video playback on a single charge. We will keep you updated on this, once the laptop launches.

It will run on Windows 10 with two USB 3.1 ports, one HDMI port, Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm audio jack and dual band Wi-Fi.

Apart from all this, the keyboard is designed in chiclet style and has DTS surround sound support.

These are all the specifications that are already available in RedmiBook 13 and so the reports claim the launch product to be of the similar features. On the other hand there are certain reports that claim the company is launching the all new exclusive laptop with the features that are mostly centric to the Indian buyers. Well currently, we can only expect the certain specs to be present in the Mi Notebook. All the features and the pricing with models will be updated soon. Stay tuned for the reveal.

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