Top YouTube Competitor Apps 2020

Hey, Guys, today I m going to write about Top YouTube Competitor Apps For Android. All these competitor apps are top-rated and 100% legal. You can use these apps without any problem; these are fantastic apps and is not behind YouTube in any way.

You must have noticed that YouTube keeps on bringing new updates from time to time because YouTube does not want its competitor to go ahead by bringing a good upgrade, and its market value is low.

So let’s release the list of YouTube’s top competitors.

List Of Top YouTube Competitor apps 2020


Vimeo is a video management app or website like Youtube. It is a viral app, Vimeo stands on 2nd position after youtube. It is the best platform for video creators, and they can make the video in Hd quality and upload it.

This app launched in 2004 and after a long journey, it gets a good grip on video marketing platforms. It is used a lot in European countries, but in it, you will get very little content in Hindi because Indians do not use it much.

When we watch videos on Youtube, we have seen lots of ads, but in the Vimeo, you can enjoy videos without any ads. Here you get very good quality videos and which you can share in just one click.

You can save your video to watch on offline mode and watch any Chromecast video to a large full screen.  The app allows you to share your videos privately and save your video collection for later viewing.


Dailymotion is also one of the best video CMS( content management system). It was founded in 2005 in Paris (it is a famous city in France). After its launch, it added many members from different countries. 

Like YouTube, you can also earn a lot of money by it because it works just like YouTube. You can earn the right amount of money by uploading your video on Dailymotion and enabling ads; one of the features is that if you place the video on any site, then it also shows ads there. 

Here the trending videos page is updated daily, and you can watch the videos of your choice. People do not use it much because it uses Google Adsense to display ads on their website and gives less money than YouTube.


Facebook is no.1 social media platform. It has almost 2 Billion users and allows you to share your video content, get views, and make money. FB is the toughest competitor of YouTube

Earlier, when Facebook came into the market, it was just a social media site, but now it is slowly spreading its foot and expanding its business.

Facebook launched its video feature in 2018, and thus, it became YouTube’s top competitor. FB operates various social media like WhatsApp, Instagram and FB Messenger etc.

To create an account on this, you only need a Gmail ID. After creating an account, you can make new friends for yourself and do a lot of chatting with them.


Twitch(Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports) is also one of the best YouTube competitor apps. Twitch founded in 2011, and it is specially made for live video streaming.

According to a survey conducted in 2014, it was the fourth most popular video streaming website. Gamers use it for their live video gaming.

You can see streaming video of Minecraft, PUBG, League and Legend, etc. You can do live chatting with the streamer. It has almost ten crore active installs in the play store.


Metacafe is a United States-based video sharing platform. It is a very useful app for those who want to make short videos. It is like a Tik-Tok video sharing platform.

Here you can find daily new content as your interest, and you can find fast and accessible video content trending tabs. The app allows you to make your channel on it, and you can manage and personalize your channel.

You can upload HD videos on it and make your audience and gain a good subscriber base. Find your favorite content creators, organize your content with the help of the playlist, and you can share your thoughts with the help of comments, and share your videos on social media to get more views.


Flickr is also one of the best video management app. It was built in 2004 and Yahoo operates it. Yahoo is the most popular search engine after Google.

It supports more than ten video languages ​​so that people from different countries can use it. Flickr is mainly used by bloggers to share their pictures to generate more views to achieve a more user base.

You can quickly join this community of photographers by just signing up. Users find their targeting audience in the billions of pictures.

On Flickr, you can easily share any picture, and that picture can be used by someone else for good work. 

Tik Tok

Tik-Tok is one of the best indirect YouTube competitor apps. The majority of the persons like Tik Tok and this app will be easily seen on everyone’s mobile. It has also become quite popular in European countries such as the US, but recently, the US has banned Tik Tok.

You will know that YouTube is going to launch an app named YouTube Shots soon; this will be its direct competitor. It is a Chinese product, and it was launched in September 2016. It is a great app; you can also use it easily.

On Tick Talk, you can make short videos and increase your user base as your user page views; Tik Tok will also give you money according to your video views.

Final Words

We have selected most of YouTube’s top competitive apps in this article, if any app is left, please write in the comments. If you like our Best YouTube Competitor Apps post, so please share it on social media to help other peoples.

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