If you are a movie junkie and you love watching all the latest releases then you are at the right place. Here we will be discussing some websites that allow the users to access latest movie releases and a lot more that too free of cost.

But first, we will be sharing some useful information about Rainerland. It is an online streaming website that allows users to watch movies and series absolutely free.

More about Rainerland

You can visit the official website of Rainerland to access unlimited stock of movies in different genres like action, thriller, horror, romance, comedy, suspense, and more. There is a vast list from which you can choose your favourite movie to binge watch in leisure time.

The best part about the website is it contains very less ads. This is a great step by the developers as ads can be really annoying sometimes while watching the best movies with all the interest.

The website has millions of users from all over the world that frequently access the website for their favourite movies to watch without at any extra cost. The main reason behind its popularity is its very easy to use interface, amazing dashboard features, and massive collection of movies. You get all the content here in HD format.

Is it a Legal Website?

You may be disappointed to read this but Rainerland is not a legal source of entertainment. Like many other pirated websites, this particular website is also illegal source of entertainment.

The website is banned by the government as it has pirated content and Piracy is an offensive crime in India. The website was uploading copyrighted content without the permission of original creators and that is why it got taken down by the government.

So if you are downloading a movie from Rainerland then please be aware that it is not legal and you might get in trouble for using pirated content.

Is it safe to browse?

No pirated site is safe to browse. You need a proper antivirus on your device to stay protected from hackers and malicious viruses.

There is higher chance of losing your important data if your device gets hacked while accessing the website. You may also end up corrupting the devices that are connected with your laptop as the virus can affect all the connected devices also.

Alternatives to Rainerland


This website began functioning back in the year 2011. Since then it has been able to survive as one of the largest free online movies streaming website on the internet. It is one of the best alternatives to Rainerland. It also offers number of TV shows, web series that are binge worthy and lot more.

Because of the similar copyright issues the website was taken down many times but it manages a comeback every time. You don’t need any kind of registration for streaming the content on this website. There are certain ads displayed while browsing the site but still it is famous among users because of the vast movie collection it has.

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This particular site is perfect if you don’t want to get annoyed with unwanted advertisements being popped now and then while streaming the site. Geeker is a popular streaming site that has ad-free content for its users.

Apart from movies and web series, this platform has massive library of books, games and music to stream. You get to watch the content in HD format. You cannot download the movies from Geeker but you can access it over internet anytime and anywhere. You should also know that it is not a free website. You will have to pay the monthly charges to access it at a very nominal rate.


Fmovies is a popular website like Rainerland that has a massive collection of movies for its users. You get an access to all the series and movies that are available on the premium OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and lot more.

The best part is that you can download the movies and series to watch later without having to use internet. It has a user friendly interface that even a beginner can access quite easily.


Primewire is the best alternative to Rainerland as it allows its users to access the movies and series without charging any cost. Movies and web series from all the genres is available on the site. The user interface is very simple and you can access you favourite content with lot of ease.

The only issue with the website is that if you want to watch the movies in HD format then you will have to purchase the premium subscription of the website. You can access movies in 360p at absolutely no cost. Overall, the platform gives a great movie watching experience on smaller screens.


There is nothing better than Hubmovies if you are on a hunt of latest releases and you are eager to watch them exactly at the moment. Hubmovies is a platform that is considered an excellent alternative to Rainerland. The website has very basic layout but you might encounter the annoying ads while surfing the site.

You can also read the reviews of particular movies and get a gist of the story and plot by reading the description given about the movie. There is a fallback of this site that you cannot download the content from the site.


Megashare is a website that is used by millions of users all across the globe for binge watching their favorite movies. The website has very easy to use interface that can be used by anyone.

Random ads keep on popping on the dashboard of the site which can be a pain in the neck sometimes. You get access to the entire binge worthy content of the site at absolutely no cost. It is a free of cost website. Try this website as an alternative to Rainerland and we are sure you will not be disappointed by this recommendation.


Watch Series

If you are confused on what to watch and what to skip in the movies and web series collections then WatchSeries is definitely your best alternative to Rainerland. This platform not only has the best collection of movies and web series but it will also recommend you the shows according to your filtered genres.

It has all the movies and series collections categorized genres, release dates, IMDB ratings, etc. With these categories you can easily decide what to watch. The website does not ask for any registration from its users for accessing the content of the platform. And just so that you know it is a free of cost website.


Yes Netflix, you read it correct. Even though it is not a free streaming platform, we are still recommending it because of the vast collection of movies and web series it has. Not all the series and movies get uploaded on free platforms. There is so much classic binge watching content available on the platform that is just irresistible.

Yes you will have to purchase the monthly subscription of Rs 199/- for being able to access it on your mobile phones. We highly recommend this alternative as it is safe to use, you don’t need to worry about viruses or hackers and it is an authentic platform following all the guidelines of the government.

Solar Movies

With more than 70 million active users, it is an amazing alternative to Rainerland. This free online movie streaming platform has a huge collection of latest and classic Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The website has a straight forward user interface and very attractive layout to surf the content.

The best part is that it has minimal ads being popped around the time you are streaming the site. If you want a hassle free movie streaming experience you can access SolarMovies without second thoughts.

Movies Time

One of the popular alternatives to Rainerland is Movies Time. It is a great platform to stream free online movies and you get all the latest releases in all the languages which are a plus point of this website. You can stream movies in either 360p or HD format. This platform has massive library of the content which can be accessed very conveniently. We would recommend you to access it once as we are pretty sure that you will not regret using it.

Fox Movies

Fox movies is a famous movie streaming platform among the users from all over the world. It is the best platform for all the movie addicts as you get a huge library of binge worthy content. Be it Sci-fi, horror, romantic, comedy anything from the movie genres you will get it all here on this website.

The collections are very carefully categorized based on their release dates, IMDB ratings, reviews, etc. There are no random ads popping on your screen while watching the movies. It is not a free streaming platform but a legit one that will keep your device safe from any malicious malwares.


If you want a free movie streaming platform with very simple user interface then Vumoo is your correct choice and best alternative for Rainerland. It will not annoy you with random ads on the screen and it has a pretty decent streaming quality. Overall, for a smooth and hassle free movie watching experience you can opt for this site without any second thoughts.


So these were the best possible alternatives to Rainerland. Please be sure that we do not promote any piracy on this website and most of the alternatives are legal and paid versions that are secured to stream. And the ones that are free streaming sites may have piracy issues. So please decide at your own risk.

We highly promote accessing legit websites if you want to stay away from any trouble. Next time if you decide to binge watch a movie then don’t forget to checkout this list.

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