Nutritional requirements for teenager

Adolescence is a very sensitive and important year in a person’s life. His body, both physically and mentally, changes from a child to an adult. Our body experiences many hormonal changes that shape our body and mind for the future. Therefore, it is very important to eat a nutritious diet, which can help you to maintain these changes. Otherwise, you will become malnourished in your physical and mental strength. Worst of all, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to move from malnourished to healthy, later in your life. Here as a teenager you should consume nutritional needs.


You often see that the child’s appetite increases as he or she enters puberty. This foreshadows the upcoming increase in their diet for the next few years. As a parent, you should take care of it because it is a sign that you need to buckle and feed your baby. The first item should be calories. An average teenager should consume 2000 – 3000 calories per day. Therefore, prepare your daily meals keeping in mind. If you do not see an increase in their diet, ask them to run or play a game to encourage growth from within.


Do you know that 50% of our total body weight is due to protein. Therefore, it is very important to consume protein regularly and above average. The good news is that you can get protein from almost any food you eat. The main source of protein is meat, whether it is beef, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs or fish. If you eat any of these foods daily, you will not have to worry about protein. Being a vegetarian, cottage cheese and soy beans are the best sources as you can also make delicious and healthy dishes from them.
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Carbohydrates, which are found in starch and sugars, are a major fuel in our body. However, not all carbs are equal in our body. For example, ordinary sugar does not help our body. Complex carbs provide constant energy in our body. This is why marathon runners often eat a lot of pasta before starting their race. Therefore, you need to increase your carbohydrates, but keep in mind that they need to be complex. Carbohydrates are also a good source of fiber and nutrients that replenish your body and contain less amount of fat.

Fat diet:

Fat should be reduced by one third of your diet, no matter where you are in life. Fat is important for your body because it supplies energy and helps your body to absorb important vitamins. However, if you do not exercise then reliance on fat can motivate you to gain weight. In addition, fatty food is also a source of cholesterol, which is a bed-rock for many diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, blood pressure, and more. Therefore, it is better to keep such habits under control at a young age so that you do not have to suffer loss later in life.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Finally, to complete your diet, you need to add vitamins and minerals to it. For vitamins, there is no better place than green vegetables. There was even a cartoon Popeye, Celerman, for the promotion of eating spinach. Then you can go to carrots, sweet potatoes, fruits. For minerals like nuts, etc., you can go back to meat, or if you are a vegetarian, sit with dairy food all year. Other sources are grains and dried fruits and pulses. Both vitamins and minerals are easy to consume and can contribute to delicious food.


Teens are rebellious by nature, so as parents, they will find it hard to sacrifice fast food for healthy eating. That is why you should start a gradual and rapid change. Nowadays, everyone has internet access, so use it to cook delicious food from green vegetables. For example, if your child does not eat salad. Give it a salad as a sandwich with a little cheese to taste. It will not be an easy process at all, but it is a necessary one. Therefore, make a habit of eating healthy food for a bright future.

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