Government denies passing order to ban Tik Tok

The government clarifies that no order has been passed to ban Chinese apps like Tik Tok, CamScanner, and ShareIt from Google play store and App store.

Government denies passing order to ban Tik Tok

Recently a message circulated on social media claiming that the National Informatics Centre under the Ministry of Electronics and IT has issued an order instructing the ban on the Chinese applications from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The government clarified that the message is fake and no such order has been given to Google and Apple. 

Due to the rising tensions between India and China related to border disputes, Chinese apps have been facing a backlash by Indians and are constantly being subjugated to be banned from India. People have been in constant rage and are of the opinion to boycott Chinese goods, apps, and services. While all these actions are being taken by the people out of their own will, a recent report suggested that the government is also planning to put a ban on these apps. On the contrary, the government has denied the rumors and made it clear that they have no such agenda in banning the Chinese apps. 

The fake message that was being circulated on social media mentioned that regional executives and representatives of Google and Apple to “restrict the functioning of Chinese apps from the respective app stores with immediate effect”. The apps that were included were Tik Tok, CamScanner, ShareIt, VigoVideo, BigoLive, BeautyPlus, ClubFactory, Shein, and Romwe. The message further stated that the apps are alleged of holding the user privacy at risk and could further compromise the sovereignty of the country. 

Now in an official tweet, the Indian Government’s Press Information Bureau (PIB) has cleared the fact that it was a fake message and the government holds no responsibility for spreading such reports among people. Recently, in the last few months, there has been a constant surge among people to boycott China in all the possible ways. ‘Remove China Apps’ app which became viral in the mid of May was a counter back to ban Chinese apps in India because of the escalating tensions between the two countries. Similarly, these anti-China sentiments gave rise to the popularity of the Indian origin app named ‘Mitron’ that served as an alternative to Tik Tok. But, later the app was removed from the play store as it was suggested that it could hamper the user’s privacy and may keep the data of the user’s smartphone at risk.  The Indo-China border dispute that was heated last week where the Chinese troops allegedly entered the LAC area near Galwan and attacked the Indian Army in which 20 soldiers were martyred was a raging conflict in the country. People here started slashing the Chinese government over their unacceptable behavior and most of the Indians were of the thought to boycott Chinese hardware and software in the country. Taking note of the same sentiments, the smartphone companies such as Oppo, Vivo delayed the online launch of their products in India. 

Earlier, Sonam Wangchuck, an educator, and innovator had urged Indians to support the boycotting of Chinese products and uninstall Chinese apps from their phones. Wangchuck further claimed that China is intentionally provoking border disputes not just with India but with many neighboring countries in the region to suppress its own domestic tensions. This may be partially correct as China maybe into the strategy of disturbing the border issues among countries just to divert the countries from the global pandemic and its crisis. 

Well, the coronavirus conspiracies are all together with a different topic that we may come up within the near future. Until then keep an eye to our page for the latest updates and all the tech-related information. We keep you posted with the latest information all time!

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