Best Washing Machine In India 2020

Best Washing Machines:- “It is fun to do the laundry” is a pure myth and said by none! Undoubtedly it is time consuming and a stressful task. And nowadays with the advent of latest technology and smart appliances you shouldn’t be wasting your time in washing clothes. We would say leave that task to the washing machine!

Now that you have decided to get yourself a washing machine, the real work begins in finding the best washing machine for your home. Afterall, it is an investment purchase and you don’t want all your money to get wasted in getting a wrong product.

To ease your task we have come up with the Top 10 Best Washing Machines models in India from which you can choose your ideal buy which suits your requirements the most appropriately. So without wasting a second let’s begin!

Table for Quick View

Product NameFeaturesAvailability
Haier 7 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

♦  Suitable for medium-sized families

♦  Inverter motor technology

♦  Low water pressure cleaning

♦  Spin speed of 1200 rpm

♦  Child lock feature
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LG 6.2Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

♦  Ideal for bachelors and couples

♦  Turbo mode for deep cleaning

♦  Spin speed of 700 rpm

♦  SmartThinQ app for problem detection
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BPL 6.5kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Mashing

♦  Suitable for nuclear families

♦  1200 rpm spin speed

♦  Inbuilt water heater

♦  8 wash programs
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Bosch 7kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

♦  Suitable for medium-sized families

♦  680 rpm spin speed

♦  Auto-restart

♦  Dual detergent dispenser
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Panasonic 8kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

♦  Perfect buy for large families

♦  Active foam technology

♦  702 rpm spin speed

♦  Inbuilt heater
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IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

♦  Ideal for joint families

♦  1400 rpm spin speed

♦  Air bubble wash

♦  Child lock

♦  Energy efficient

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Samsung 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

♦  Perfect for large families

♦  Digital inverter technology

♦  1200 rpm spin speed

♦  Indicator for cleaning of the machine

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Bosch 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

♦  Best buy for large families

♦  Child lock

♦  1200 rpm spin speed

♦  Low water pressure cleaning

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LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

♦  Suitable for big sized families

♦  Waterproof LCD display

♦  1200 rpm spin speed

♦  Child lock

♦  Inbuilt heater

♦  Smart diagnosis app directly connects to customer service executives.

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Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

♦  Suitable for medium-sized families

♦  Inbuilt heater

♦  Different levels of drying

♦  Multiple wash programs

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Haier 7 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Founded in 1984, Haier is a home appliances brand with its main headquarters in China. The company is known for its excellence in manufacturing some of the unique products along with latest technology imbibed in them.

There are multiple reasons why this brand has made into our list of best washing machines in India. One of them is the distinctive features offered by the company.

Unique Selling Point: the sleek and modern looking design of the machine with anti bacterial technology makes it best washing machine for nuclear families.


♦  It has capacity of 7 kg which is suitable for family of 3 to 4 members.

♦  The machine has inverter motor which is seen in all the latest models.

♦  The Near Zero Pressure technology provides uninterrupted wash process even if there is low water pressure which proves it to be best washing machine.

♦  16 wash programs let you choose your mode of wash as per clothing material.

♦  1200 rpm spin speed helps faster cleaning of the clothes.

♦  It has a water proof LED touch display for convenient process of cleaning.

♦  Child lock feature gives you feasibility of not worrying about the washing procedure being interrupted until it gets completed.


♦  The machine has a noiseless operation.

♦  Captures less space as it is a smartly designed appliance.

♦  It is an energy efficient product.

♦  The air lock system prevents the spilling of water.


♦  The weight of the machine is comparatively higher.

♦  No hot water technology.

Considering the features and the latest technology used in its making it surely is one of the best washing machines in the market.

LG 6.2Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The ‘Life’s Good’ slogan of LG definitely stands by its saying as the brand manufactures some of the best washing machines in the market. This particular model has most amazing features which are best suited for Indian washing conditions.

Unique Selling Point: the USP of the machine is that it is designed by keeping in mind the smart features like smartThinQ app pairing and smart closing door making it the best washing machine choice for smart homes.


♦  With the capacity of 6.2kg it is best suited for couples and bachelors.

♦  700rpm spin speed assures faster cleaning and drying of clothes.

♦  Turbo drum mode ensures that the toughest stains are removed properly from the clothes.

♦  The smart closing door features automatically shuts the top vent with its own time.

♦  You can connect with the smartThinQ app to know the problem with your product.

♦  It has the auto restart feature which will start the washing cycle from where it had stopped during power failure.

♦  It comes with the child lock feature for the safety purpose of the kids at home.


♦  Smart inverter technology consumes less energy.

♦  Cost friendly purchase.

♦  It has minimum vibration and negligible noise operation.

♦  Decent number of wash programs.


♦  Does not have inbuilt heater for hot water washing.

In our opinion it is the best washing machine you can get at such an affordable price range with great wash quality making it an ideal purchase for Indian households.

BPL 6.5kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Mashing

Established in 1963, BPL soon became the most loved Indian brand in the market. They manufacture some of the best washing machines which are affordable and are loaded with best features.

Unique Selling Point: The product is packed with latest features plus it is fully automatic front loading unit at such an affordable rate which makes it best washing machine in this range.


♦  A fully automatic machine with capacity of 6.5kg makes it suitable for small families.

♦  1200 rpm spin speed takes less time in drying of clothes.

♦  The washing drum is made of stainless steel making it rust free.

♦  It has digital LED display for easy navigation of the user.

♦  You get 8 wash programs for your clothing material and removal of stubborn stains.

♦  It has inbuilt heater for hot water cleaning.


♦  The product is build with contemporary design to suit modern homes.

♦  The machine has a noiseless operation and minimum vibrations.

♦  Price of the product is quite affordable.

♦  It has failure detection system which is a plus point.


♦  The warranty period is very low.

In our verdict this product gets thumbs up as you get the latest technology with all the necessary features at such a drooling price range that makes this machine the best washing machine available in the market.

Bosch 7kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Bosch is a German multinational company which was founded in 1886. The company has captured the Indian market by delivering some of the best in quality kitchen and home appliances.

This being the reason it is known for making the best washing machines that are compatible with Indian homes and have exceptional features too.

Unique Selling Point: The USP of the product is that it works smoothly even when the water pressure is not up to the mark which makes it best washing machine choice for areas where there are major water issues.


♦  A capacity of 7kg makes it perfect buy for large families.

♦  It has a spin speed of 680rpm which assures faster drying of the clothes.

♦  The unique power wash removes toughest stains with minimal fabric damage.

♦  You get up to 9 wash programs for different stains and fabrics.

♦  It has a memory function which resumes back to wash cycle to which it had stopped during a power cut.

♦  It has one touch start feature with soft closing lid.

♦  You get dual dispenser for adding detergent where you can choose to add either powder or liquid soap.


♦  It works well with low water pressure also.

♦  The toughened glass lid is see through and made up of strong material.

♦  Ideal purchase as it is a steal deal at this price range.

♦  It operates quite silently and has minimum vibration even on maximum spin speed.


♦  No in built heater for hot water washing.

The trust of the company and the quality of the product makes it grab a spot in our list of best washing machines. We highly recommend this purchase!

Panasonic 8kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Founded in 1918, Panasonic is a Japanese origin that has marked its presence all over the world by delivering innovative products with latest technology. The brand offers affordable home appliances which makes it an ultimate choice when it comes to buying the best washing machine for our homes.

Let’s take you through some of the mesmerising features of the product.

Unique Selling Point: The brand offers almost 15 wash programs in this particular model which include hot and cold washing as well. So it is best washing machine choice for joint families where laundry is one such issue.


♦  A fully automatic unit with 8kg drum capacity is perfect for large joint families with 7 to 8 members.

♦  The active foam system generates thick foam which removes dirt particles from the clothes.

♦  With the spin speed of 702rpm the drying gets faster.

♦  The auto restart feature starts the machine automatically after a power failure.

♦  The econavi feature senses the water temperature and laundry weight and adjusts the water requirement accordingly.

♦  It has in built heater for hot water washing requirements.


♦  Smart design with wide lid opening.

♦  Sturdy build quality of the machine and the drum.

♦  Saves energy and water which makes it eco friendly.

♦  After sales services.


♦  The operation may produce little noise.

The quality and performance of the machine is undoubtedly top notch as seen from the features. The plus point is the amazing customer service of the brand which makes it the best washing machine option for most of the Indian families. The product definitely gets a green signal from our side.

IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB was the first brand to launch fully automatic Front Load washing machines in India. It is known for its quality products and is a leading brand in washing machine sector. Their washing machines are one the Best Washing Machines in the market and you will believe it by reading the features given below.

Unique Selling Point: this machine offers various wash programs for any type of fabric which makes it reliable and best washing machine for delicate fabric lovers.


♦  Capacity of 8kg is suitable for family of 5 or more members.

♦  The spin speed is 1400 rpm. Spin speed determines the drying time. So faster the spin time, faster the drying of the clothes.

♦  Uses the efficient air bubbles wash system.

♦  Intelligent child lock which freezes the operation of the machine.

♦  The filter treatment gives the clothes better wash by assisting detergent to get mixed up well.

♦  LCD display for constant update.

♦  Even silk clothes can be washed without any load in this machine.

♦  Protection against voltage fluctuations.


♦  Wash programs for any type of cloth and stain.

♦  Exceptional washing performance

♦  Noiseless operation with no vibrations.

♦  Saves water and energy.


♦  After sales services can be an issue.

All these features with the price range that is affordable by most of the households make this product the best washing machine in India. We highly recommend this purchase.

Samsung 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung is a reliable brand in terms of quality and innovation. The brand’s products are user friendly. They offer a higher amount of convenience to the customers.

Samsung is a significant market leader in producing best washing machines in the industry. Following are the specifications of the product that are worth your attention.

Unique Selling Point: The USP of the product is its 15 minutes quick wash feature which is of great utility for people with less time to devote in cleaning. This makes it best washing machine choice for working individuals.


♦  This 8 kg capacity fully automatic front load washing machine is perfect to have for a family of 6-8 members.

♦  RPM of 1200 leads to lesser drying period.

♦  Its eco bubble technology converts detergent into bubbles. It provides a gentle yet effective wash to the clothes.

♦  The washing machine is based on Digital Inverter Technology which saves energy by consuming less energy.

♦  Smart check is a system where using an app on the mobile, the progress of the cleaning can be checked from anywhere and anytime.

♦  The machine can notify the customer when it needs cleaning. It keeps the performance of the machine durable and efficient for years.


♦  Attractive design makes it appealing for the purchase.

♦  It provides noiseless operation.

♦  Eco friendly as it saves water and energy.


♦  The weight of the machine is comparatively heavier.

♦  The vibration can be a bit higher if not kept on a balanced surface.

Overall, the brand name has gained a huge Indian market trust by delivering products that never compromise in performance and durability. This the reason this product is able to mark a spot in our list of best washing machines in India. Worth buy product!

Bosch 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch is one of the best brands in washing machines. The brand is known for its superior product quality and excellent customer service and this is the reason we have one more entry in our list of Best Washing Machines in India from the same brand.

Unique Selling Point: It is best washing machine option for water scarce areas as the machine by itself decides the water requirement for laundry weight accordingly.


♦  Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with capacity of 8kg is suitable for family of 5 to 8 members.

♦  It comes with a massive spin speed of 1200 rpm.

♦  Its anti vibration design reduces vibration leading to more customer ease.

♦  It is soft on delicate clothes and at the same time provides them proper wash.

♦  The noise level is as low as 49decibles leading to less disturbances.

♦  No issue of water pressure. It can work well even in low water pressures.

♦  It comes with child lock feature.

♦  It has big drum size for better washing of more number of clothes.


♦  It saves water with its active water technology.

♦  Its size is compatible with modern houses.

♦  It is an energy efficient product.

♦  It features fast operation for time constraint users.


♦  The installation process takes time.

It is one of our favorite products as it offers some of the unique features which are exclusively available with only this model making it definitely the best washing machine at an attractive price range.

LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG is one of the most trusted brands in India. LG was the very first brand to launch the inverter technology. The brand is known for its innovative and convenient products and manufactures some of the best washing machines in the market.

The features of this particular model are listed below:

Unique Selling Point: The USP of the product is that it keeps the user stress free for even the delicate fabrics as it has a unique motion drive feature which keeps your precious fabrics harmless. This is the reason that makes it one of the best washing machines.


♦  This washing machine is available with a capacity of 8kgs best suited for large families.

♦  RPM of 1200 provides excellent wash in this washing machine.

♦  Waterproof LCD touch screen enables customers to operate the machine very easily.

♦  Its 6 motion drive technology removes all the stains and keeps the clothes safe.

♦  To remove ant stain heat is required. The machine heater can heat up to 60 degrees to remove tough stains.

♦  An app named Smart Diagnosis can connect the customer directly to technical team in case of any issues.

♦  Stainless steel body ensures durability of the machine.

♦  Child lock feature also available.


♦  It comes with an in built heater.

♦  It operates with negligible noise.

♦  It is highly energy efficient product.

♦  The multiple wash program help remove toughest stains.


♦  Quick wash program can take up to 30 minutes for cleaning.

It is a perfect buy for Indian joint families where you can just throw your clothes in the machine and have a relief time with your loved ones. It definitely marks as one of the best washing machines available in the market as you get a high performance unit from one of the most trusted brands.

Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool is one of the oldest brands providing kitchen and home appliances to Indians from many decades. It has been known to offer the best in class and looks and manufactures the best washing machines for Indian buyers.

Unique Selling Point: If you have kids who bring the most stubborn of all the stains on the clothes, then this particular product is your OG as it removes almost all the possible stains with its smart clean technology which ultimately makes it best washing machine choice for you.


♦  The machine is fully automatic top load and comes with a capacity of 7.5 kg, suitable for families having more than 5 members.

♦  The machine is equipped with inbuilt heater which heats up the water up to 60 degrees.

♦  Removes 40 tough stains and is a cleaning expert

♦  The 360 degrees blooming wash motion washes the clothes by rubbing them with each other and thus ensuring effective cleaning.

♦  Offers four different levels of drying based on different types of fabrics ensuring the best drying for your delicate fabrics.

♦  Hydraulic lid system provides convenient experience to customers and protects the lid from damage.


♦  It provides fast cleaning.

♦  The build of the machine is quite sturdy.

♦  It offers decent load capacity to the user.

♦  It is an affordable buy.


♦  The installation charges are higher.

The smart sensors equipped product is the most energy and water efficient machine among all the entries of our best washing machines list. We have our heart for this product as it is very strategically design for modern homes and is available at the best price in the Indian market.


Above mentioned are the Top 10 Best Washing Machines available in Indian market. You must have gone through the features and our verdict about all the products mentioned but at times it gets tricky on what to consider and what to eliminate while purchasing a product.

To help you decide, we have mentioned some important features that you should look for while getting the best washing machine for your home.

Buying Guide

1. Capacity

best washing machine

 The size of the drum or the load capacity is the very first thing you should be considering in a washing machine. A nuclear family with 2 to 4 members can buy the washing machine with 6-7kg load capacity. Whereas, a joint family with 5 to 8 members can go for load capacity up to 8kg or more.

2. Front Load or Top Load

Both are preferable and have their own benefits. Basic difference between the two is pretty much obvious; you put clothes from top in the top load and from front opening in the front load washing machine. If you get a top load washing machine then you will get it at a lower price comparatively but it consumes more water and electricity and has less washing programs than front load one. We find the front load one as the best washing machine choice because you get lot more features and after all it is a lifetime investment.

3. Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic

In semi automatic machine the clothes first get washed and then you will have to shift them in to the dryer compartment for drying them. Whereas in fully automatic machine you just need to add detergent and clothes and switch on the button and that’s it! Your clothes get washed and dried as well, no hustle of shifting clothes from one compartment to other. Sooner or later in time the semi automatic machines will become out dated. Hence, go for the fully automatic ones.

4. Wash Programs

best washing machine

The latest technology washing machines have multiple wash programs for each kind of fabric like cotton, woollens, silk, etc. There are also some clothes with stubborn stains and dirt that require heavy washing, your blankets and rugs have separate washing program as well. So the best washing machine is one with higher wash programs that lets you choose a program for different type of clothing.

5. Inbuilt Heater

This feature helps in washing clothes in hot water. You get to set the temperature of the water in the machine and it automatically heats the water as per your requirement. The hot water helps in cleaning the clothes better and getting rid of germs and bacteria as well.

6. Dryer

There are several washing machine models in the market that do not come with the built in dryers which result in getting dryers separately for your convenience. The best washing machine option would be the one which has built in dryer as it will save you lot of space, efforts and time as well.

7. Spin Speed

best washing machine

The spin speed of the machine helps in removing the water from the clothes. The higher the spin speed the faster clothes get dried. This feature is very beneficial during monsoon season in India.

8. Motor Type

The latest washing machines come with the Inverter motor whereas the older ones had conventional motor in them. The inverter technology produces less noise and has less vibration comparatively. They also consume less electricity as compared to the conventional ones. So the smart choice would be to look for inverter motor which ensures the best washing machine purchase to the buyer.


We hope that our list of the best washing machines in India has helped you in deciding the most suitable machine for your house. Ultimately the choice depends on the buyer itself but we are aware of the fact that this article has helped a lot of buyers to understand the technical terms in depth and make a smart choice for getting best washing machine as per their needs and necessities.

So don’t forget to recommend this reading to your friends before they decide to buy a washing machine for themselves.

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