Best Solar Panels in India

Best Solar Panels in India:- Electricity is one of the quintessential needs for us humans in modern times. All of our fancy equipment runs on electricity and it is really hard for us to even imagine our lives without electricity. Most of our demand for electricity is met by thermal power plants but there are a lot of downsides to these thermal power plants. Apart from releasing lots of polluting gases into the environment, they also cause what is called Thermal Pollution which essentially refers to the degradation of the local environment and in particular, water bodies near the plant. Adding to this is the fact that the electricity produced by these plants is quite expensive. As a consequence, we had to find an alternative to these harmful and expensive thermal plants.

Best Solar Panels in India
Best Solar Panels in India

This search to find the alternative source of energy led us to the most prominent source of energy in our entire solar system, that is, our Sun. The Sun is the powerhouse of our solar system, generating more energy than all of mankind has ever used in a single second! Even though we are not technologically advanced yet to harness all of that energy, we can still use this energy to power our houses and industries with or without using traditional sources of energy. This is where Solar Panels come into play. Solar Panels are devices that use photovoltaic cells to convert this solar energy into DC and then later convert it into AC.

Today, we have compiled a list of Top 5 Solar Panels in India to help you buy your first solar panel and help to attain a pollution-free and economical life. So without further delay, let’s get started.

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Product Name Features Availability  
Loom Solar 180 Watt-12V Mono Panel   ♦  Made of A-grade black silicon cells.
♦  Resistant free aluminum frame.
♦  Optimized for low light performance.
♦  Able to withstand high winds and snowfall
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Luminous 160 Watt-12 V Solar Panel (Poly)   ♦  It requires less space to install.
♦  A+ grade anti-PID polycrystalline cells.
♦  Capable of generating 8.7-ampere current.
♦  Excellent for single battery-based invertors
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Microtek 150 Watt-12V Solar Panel (Poly)   ♦  Excellent low light response.
♦  Eva capsulation.
♦  Resistant to salt mist corrosion and ammonia corrosion.
♦  Undergoes DH, TC and HF tests
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Exide 150 Watt-12 Volt Solar Panel (Poly)   ♦  White tempered glass; Eva resin with back sheets.
♦  Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame.
♦  Output lead wire terminal; waterproof connectors.
♦  25 years warranty
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Havells 150 Watt-12 Volt Solar Panel (Poly)   ♦  Coated with Anti-reflective glass.
♦  It can withstand harsh environments.
♦  Automatic alert system.
♦  Advanced protection system
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Top 5 Products

Loom Solar 180 Watt-12V Mono Panel

Best Solar Panels in India

Loom Solar 180 Watt-12V Mono Panel

Loom is a relatively new company focused on delivering high-quality Mono-crystalline solar panels and AC modules. This Haryana based company was started in 2018 and has made itself a name since then. As to why this is the case, let’s take a closer look at this product and why it makes at the first spot in Top 5 Solar Panels in India.

♦  This 180-watt solar panel is made of A-grade black silicon cells.

♦  The cells have a high efficiency of up to 20%.

♦  This panel performs well in low light as well.

♦  It comes with 5 busbars 36 cells.

♦  It also offers MC4 connectors; IP 67 rated junction and a 1-meter wire for outdoor uses.

♦   It has 25-years of warranty.

♦  Diodes are pre-installed in the junction boxes.

♦  It is capable of withstanding high wind and loads of snow.

♦  It is made of resistant free aluminum frame which allows the panels to last long.

♦  It is compatible with both on-grid and off-grid inverters.

♦  It is compatible with ground mounting and has high modules conversion efficiency.

All of the aforementioned features make it one of the Best Solar Panel in India.

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Luminous 160 Watt-12 V Solar Panel (Poly)

Best Solar Panels in India

Luminous 160 Watt-12 V Solar Panel (Poly)

 Luminous is a well-established Indian brand in the Power Technologies sector. Its 160-watt solar panel provides you with some great features and cost efficiency that makes it one of the Top 5 Solar Panels in India. Let’s take a closer look at those features in detail.

♦  It is the highest capacity panel in the 12-volt category with its polycrystalline technology.

♦  It is a great option for single battery-based inverters.

♦  It can charge the battery between 9 am to 5 pm and is capable of generating currents up to 8.7 amps during peak sunlight hours.

♦  It requires less space (about 10 sq ft) to install.

♦  The A+ grade anti-PID Poly Crystalline Cells make it a great choice.

♦  It has a cell conversion efficiency of more than 16%.

♦  This solar panel is made with compliance to IEC standards that make it a trustworthy product.

These features ameliorate the product among the Best Solar Panel in India and make it a great option to go with.

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Microtek 150 Watt-12V Solar Panel (Poly)

Best Solar Panels in India

Microtek 150 Watt-12V Solar Panel (Poly)

Microtek is a renowned name in the International market for consumer electronics. This Taiwan based company was started in the ’80s and has delivered some great products. Now that it is the solar panel market, it has impressed everyone with their 150-watt solar panel that is great for uses in the home where inverters are used for charging batteries. Let’s take a look at why it’s among the Top 5 Solar Panels in India.

♦  It uses innovative photovoltaic technology for high conversion efficiency.

♦  It provides an excellent low light response and is made for optimal usage over decades.

♦  It has Eva encapsulation for increased module protection.

♦  It is ideal for both on-grid and off-grid applications.

♦  The high-efficiency solar cells used in the making of this panel ensures great performance and increased the generation of power in peak hours.

♦  It can withstand snow, hail and even ice storms.

♦  The product also undergoes several rigorous quality-control tests and 20+ in-houses tests such as Damp Heat Test, Thermal Cycling Test, and Humidity Freeze Test, etc.

♦  It is made from a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame with pre-drilled holes for easier installation.

♦  It is resistant to salt mist corrosion as well as ammonia corrosion resistant.

♦  It is a long-lasting product with a positive tolerance modulus.

All of these amazing features earn it a spot as the Best Solar Panels in India.

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Exide 150 Watt-12 Volt Solar Panel (Poly)

Best Solar Panels in India

Exide 150 Watt-12 Volt Solar Panel (Poly)

Exide is one of India’s largest batteries manufacturing company with its headquarters in Kolkata. It offers Chloride PV Modules which are made using the best innovation and raw materials available. Let’s look at the specifications of this 150-watt solar panel and why it makes it into today’s list of Best Solar Panels in India.

♦  The white tempered glass and Eva resin with the back sheet provide the solar panel with maximum protection against the harsh environment.

♦  The corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame provides excellent strength to the structure and high torsion strength. It is available for DC 12V and 24V systems.

♦  It also offers output lead wire terminal along with waterproof connectors for high watt modules.

♦  All modules that comply with standardized specifications are Government MNRE approved.

♦  It is excellent for 12-volt battery charging, series-wired multi-panels for 24/48 volt battery charging or grid-tied applications.

♦  It comes with 25 years of manufacturer warranty.

These are the features that make this Exide Solar Panel one of the Best Solar Panels in India.

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Havells 150 Watt-12 Volt Solar Panel (Poly)

Havells 150 Watt-12 Volt Solar Panel (Poly)

Havells is an Indian giant in the electronics sector with a rich history of 50+ years. It is known for manufacturing solar panels with high output power with its positive power tolerance and reliable performance under extreme weather conditions. Let’s look at some other specifications of this final product in this list of Best Solar Panels in India.

♦  This solar panel is coated with reliable Anti-reflective glass.

♦  This panel is IEC certified.

♦  This product is designed to suit all environmental conditions.

♦  The portal helps in keeping track of the individual solar modules.

♦  You can receive automatic alerts about the system through its mobile application.

♦  It has an advanced protection system to prevent you from life-threatening shocks or accidental fires.

♦  The portal is free for 25 years without any additional investment.

These features make it the final entry as the Best Solar Panels in India.

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What is a Solar Panel and Why Is It Used?

Best Solar Panels in India

Best Solar Panels in India

A Solar Panel consists of mainly the panel which is the most essential part of the system, contributing as much as 50% to the total cost of the system. Next up is inverters that make up for about a quarter of the total cost. Other less expensive parts include a charge controller, battery, wires, mounting structures, cabling, and junction box, etc. The solar cells in the panel absorb the sunlight and via a chemical reaction, converts it into electrical energy.

A Solar Panel is used to reduce the electricity bill and the generation of pollution. A solar panel can effectively solve all your energy solutions and it doesn’t cause any pollution. It uses a renewable source of energy and thus is less expensive and beneficial for us.

Types of Solar Panels

A solar panel can be distinguished on a couple of bases. The first distinction is made on the basis of the working structure of the panel that is On-grid and Off-grid panels. An on-grid system is used when your electricity consumption is high and you want to reduce the bills. It supplements the power grid and does not function without it. As a result, it doesn’t use a battery as well. On the other hand, an off-grid system works independently of the power grid and uses a battery. It is usually used in places where there is no reliable source of electricity.

The other distinction is made on the basis of the cells used. The two main types of solar cells used in solar panels are Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Silicon. Polysilicon consists of small crystals of highly pure silicon. As a result, it is expensive. Monocrystalline, on the other hand, consists of a single large crystal of polysilicon that is more efficient than it’s the counterpart.


Solar Panels are the energy solution for our future as it is both cost-efficient and environment-friendly simultaneously. The industry is rapidly growing and there is a lot of scope and application for solar panels especially in countries like India where sunlight is abundant throughout the year. All of these products can definitely help you reduce your high electricity bill and will provide you with great value for your hard-earned money. They are the Best Solar Panels in India and one should definitely consider them while buying their Solar Panel.

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