Best Smartwatches In India

Beast Smartwatches In India:- There has been an upscale trend in the industry of smart watches in India. Smart watches have not only become a style statement but also a great device to take help from.


A smart watch is a device which is a combination of your classic wrist watch and your modern mobile phones. There are many advantages of smart watches:

♦  They act as your travel companion

♦  Don’t just tells you the time

♦  Helps in finding the mobile or any other device

♦  Works as a very well fitness tracker

♦  Can be used to call someone or message someone

♦  Reply to messages via any of your social media account

There are many other traits of smart watches too as they look classy and elegant so everyone likes to wear them. Due to these all reasons the smart watch industry has been on a boom. There are many brands offering some of the best smartwatches in the market.

To help you select your ideal watch we have prepared a list which mentions the best smartwatches available in India.

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SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

♦  33mm AMOLED screen with Gorilla glass

♦  The onboard storage of 4GB

♦  Operates on TIZEN OS

♦  Bluetooth and built-in GPS

♦  Battery life up to 2 days

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Apple Watch Series 4  

♦  44mm OLED display with fall detection

♦  Digital Crown with haptic feedback

♦  Onboard 16GB memory

♦  Operates on iOS software

♦  Compatible with only iPhones

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Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

♦  34mm color LCD display

♦  Compatible with Android and iOS

♦  Comes with Bluetooth and wifi connectivity

♦  No inbuilt GPS

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Amazfit Verge IP69 SmartWatch  

♦  38mm AMOLED screen display

♦  Onboard 4GB storage

♦  Comes with wifi and Bluetooth

♦  GPS with Glonass positioning

♦  The battery will last for 3 days

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Garmin vívoactive HR SmartWatch  

♦  28mm scratch-resistant display

♦  Supports Windows, Android, and iOS

♦  Comes with built-in GPS

♦  The battery lasts up to 5 days

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FOSSIL Gen 5 Carlyle Touch screen Smartwatch

♦  44mm round AMOLED display

♦  Google wear OS

♦  8 GB onboard storage

♦  Bluetooth and Google Assistant

♦  Battery life up to 24 hours

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HUAWEI Android Smartwatch 2.0

♦  46mm round AMOLED glass display

♦  Operates on Huawei’s LITE OS

♦  4 GB storage memory

♦  GPS with GLONASS positioning

♦  The battery life of 2 weeks

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NOISE Evolve Full Touch Control Smartwatch

♦  44mm display with full touch screen

♦  Supports both Android and iOS smartphones

♦  Very lightweight

♦  The battery life of 3 days

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MOBVOI Ticwatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch

♦  Unique dual-screen feature

♦  Operates on Google wear OS

♦  4 GB onboard storage

♦  Bluetooth and inbuilt GPS

♦  The battery capacity of 2 days

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HONOR Magic watch 2

♦  42mm display with automatic brightness adjustment

♦  Operates on Huawei’s OS

♦  15 different fitness modes


♦  The battery life of 2 weeks

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SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Beast Smartwatches In India

SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch​

Samsung is a brand known for its innovative products in the market. It is amongst one of the most trusted brand in the country due to its excellent product line and extraordinary quality and it produces the best smartwatches performance wise.

Some of the excellent features provided by Samsung Gear S3 are:


♦  Its 33.02 mm big screen makes it one of the most differentiated smart watches available in India. As generally we see the screen of any smart watch to be very small or compact.

♦  Corning Gorilla Glass and super AMOLED Screen

♦  Internal Storage capacity of 4GB

♦  It is equipped with some excellent features such as Gyroscope heart rate sensor and barometer

♦  Built in GPS

♦  1 Year warranty on the product is also offered by the company

♦  Heavy battery backup and can last up to 2 days on single charge


♦  It is a cost effective buy.

♦  It comes with temperature and shock resistance.

♦  The turning bezel allows you to answer and reject calls.

♦  Dual connectivity with WiFi and Bluetooth


♦  No Sim card slot.

♦  Not suitable while swimming.

This particular smartwatch is from a brand that has gained consumers trust by delivering exceptional products and services. We would definitely recommend this purchase and it makes the best smartwatch in this budget.

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Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4​

Apple as we all know is a premium brand known for its excellent product quality and service. Apple’s smart watches are one of the best smartwatches and are most popular and widely used all over the world primarily due to the following features.


♦  Its 44mm sized screen gives you a large and clearer display

♦  The operating system used here is iOS

♦  It has a 16 GB memory and thus has a huge storage capacity

♦  Built in GPS

♦  Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and easily connectable with Wifi

♦  With its electrical and optical sensors the watch helps you to keep the right track of your health

♦  Waterproof, dust proof, swim proof makes it best smartwatch

♦  Warranty of 1 years provided by the brand

♦  Built in speakers and microphones enables you to operate your mobiles in your watch

♦  High and responsive touch makes it very convenient to use


♦  Fall detection and emergency SOS

♦  Number of options for bands and color variants

♦  Available in different wrist sizes

♦  Watch orientation for different hand use- right and left


♦  Compatible with only iphones

♦  The cellular version requires ios 12 or later

Apple watches are no doubt one of the best smartwatches available in the market. This particular product will never disappoint you in terms of performance no matter what! It gets huge thumbs up from our side.

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Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch​

Fitbit is a brand specialized in making best smart watches in the market. Fitbit smartwatches are best in class, performance and are a must have ones.

Fitbit has made a name for it and is one of the most popular smartwatch brands in India.


♦  Its 34.36 mm large screen provides a good and visible display

♦  Color LCD display embedded

♦  It can work both with Android and iOS

♦  Keeps the track of your fitness with its amazing heart rate sensor

♦  3axis Gyroscope and accelerometer makes it a master in the field

♦  Can connect with wifi and Bluetooth. Has a good connectivity

♦  Massive warranty of 2 years comes attached with the product

♦  Amazing sleep tracking and food monitoring options

♦  Many color variants are available to be chosen from

♦  Its elegant and attractive design makes the watch perfect to have


♦  Extended battery life of up to 4 days

♦  Dynamic personal coaching for fitness enthusiasts

♦  Quick replies on texts for Android users


♦  No in built GPS

In our verdict this is an ideal buy for the fitness lovers as you get multiple fitness and workout tracking options along with amazing design and features. Thus it is one of the best smartwatches for us.

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Amazfit Verge IP69 SmartWatch

Beast Smartwatches In India

Amazfit Verge IP69 SmartWatch​

Amazazfit is a very well known brand known for its amazing smart watches and their quality performance. You may barely know the brand but they have manufactured best smartwatches in the market.


♦  1mm display screen makes the display reasonably good

♦  Its AMOLED screen provides an attractive touch to the smartwatch

♦  Scratch resistant surface covers up the display

♦  Water resistant and shock resistant

♦  Keeps amazing track of your sleep, food, fitness and heart

♦  Bluetooth 4.2 enables makes it easy to connect to any other device

♦  1 Year warranty is provided by the company

♦  Different and attractive color variants available


♦  It has built in Alexa

♦  Looks stylish even on thinner wrists

♦  Battery backup is excellent

♦  Cost friendly purchase


♦  The step count is not very accurate

We would highly recommend this purchase as the product is cost effective and you get a feature packed unit at an affordable rate. This is definitely one of the best smartwatches in India.

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Garmin vívoactive HR SmartWatch

Beast Smartwatches In India

Garmin vívoactive HR SmartWatch​

The brand Garmin provides one quality smart watches and is primarily known to produce one of the best smartwatches for the buyers.


♦  Its 28.6 mm screen makes the display lively

♦  Mineral Crystal lens on the top of display is provided to protect the device from scratches

♦  It supports all the platforms- Windows, Android and iOS

♦  The device is backed by lithium battery

♦  Many other features are also available such as music control, weather information, sleep and fitness trackers

♦  1 year warranty is available on the product


♦  Customizable watch face designs are available

♦  Comes with a screen that is readable in sunlight

♦  Good battery backup of up to 5 days


♦  After sales services is a bit issue.

Compiled with so many features at a very moderate price, this is a definitely budget friendly buy for those who want the best smartwatch with latest features in a restricted budget.

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FOSSIL Gen 5 Carlyle Touch screen Smartwatch

FOSSIL Gen 5 Carlyle Touch screen

Fossil Group is an American brand founded in 1984 and it is based in Texas, US. It manufactures licensed accessories for different brands like Puma, DKNY, Armani Exchange, BMW, Zodiac, etc.

The brand has made a mark in smartwatch category since its previous launches. Its Gen 4 was a hit in the market and now the upgraded Gen 5 is among the best smartwatches available for the buyers.


♦  It has a wide glass of 44mm with AMOLED display and pixel density of 328 ppi making the screen resolution bright with utmost clarity.

♦  The dial has 3 programmable pushers on the right side and the middle one is rotatable crown which provides a feasible alternative to swiping on the screen with your fingers.

♦  It is powered with Wear OS by Google which is compatible with both iphone and Android smartphones.

♦  It comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB of onboard storage making it the best smartwatch choice that can be loaded with number of apps and unlimited music.

♦  The smartwatch uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone and you get Google Assistant right on your wrist to ask about anything.

♦  It has a decent battery that lasts you for a day and the additional extended mode increases the battery life for multiple days.

♦  It also has features like heart rate tracking and GPS to track your running distance. The swim-proof feature is an add-on to the amazing product.


♦  You get to use Google Pay from the watch itself.

♦  This model is lightweight as compared to previous ones.

♦  Customisable battery modes as per your usage requirements.

♦  It provides accurate fitness tracking.

♦  It has built in speaker which is very useful for calling and Google Assistant.


♦  The battery will last you only for 24 hours.

This particular model with Wear OS is the best smartwatch that you can buy in the market. It comes with amazing aesthetics and satisfying performance is what a user needs at the end of the day. This product will not let you down performance wise and in our opinion it is the best buy.

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HUAWEI Android Smartwatch 2.0

HUAWEI Android Smartwatch 2.0

Huawei is a well known brand in the field of smart devices. Founded in 1987, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of the smart phones and other ICT infrastructures.

The Huawei Watch 2.0 is one of the best smartwatches in the market because of its power packed features which are listed below.


♦  The watch has gorgeous 46mm AMOLED glass display with two buttons on the right side. One of these is the home button and the other is for health tracking.

♦  It has a mono speaker which is quite loud while taking calls and listening to music.

♦  It becomes one of the best smartwatch buy because of its 2 GB RAM and 4 GB storage memory.

♦  The Huawei offers Bluetooth connectivity as well as GPS tracking along with Glonass for accurate and precise positioning.

♦  The watch is equipped with Huawei’s own Lite Operating System and supports both Android and iOS smartphones.

♦  It comes with Google Assistant. Fitness, sleep and stress tracking features are also available.

♦  The smartwatch has a pretty good battery life that lasts you for 2 weeks which is great performance wise.


♦  It comes with Android Pay through NFC payments.

♦  It has very appealing looks and can attract buyers with its aesthetic design.

♦  It is a cost friendly buy.

♦  The battery performance is exceptional.

♦  Water resistant for 50m depth till 30 minutes.


♦  It has limited third party apps support.

♦  The NFC payments can be used only in China.

♦  It lags sometimes while using Google Maps.

The build of the watch and the features you get are definitely worth the money spent on it and hence it has made a spot in our best smartwatches list. It gets a green signal from our side!

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NOISE Evolve Full Touch Control Smartwatch


NOISE Evolve Full Touch Control

Noise is a young tech-driven brand that puts latest technology accessories in the hands of Indian consumers. It has become one of the favourite brands of the Indian market in the latest trends.

Without wasting your time let us quickly take you through the product’s mind blowing features that make it one of the best smartwatches in India.


♦  It comes with 44mm round AMOLED display which makes it easier to read in the direct sunlight and comes with full touch screen to easily swap and tap on the screen.

♦  It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones which makes it best smartwatch buy for any smartphone user.

♦  It has full health tracking which includes your heart rate tracker, sleep tracker, calories count and steps count to help you get an overview of your daily fitness goals.

♦  You can take photos on your phone with its remote camera control feature.

♦  It has user friendly interface that sends notifications for calls, messages, popular social media posts, etc.

♦  The noise fit peak app is available on both Android and iOS which smoothly connects your phone with the watch.

♦  It also supports Bluetooth connectivity.


♦  Standard battery life is of 3 days that can last up to 10 days in standby mode.

♦  It is rated IP68 which means it is water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof.

♦  It weighs only 42g which makes it very lightweight as compared to other models.


♦  There are no programmable buttons provided for easy access.

♦  GPS is not available in this model.

Overall the product is a good buy if the price point is considered. You get the stylish looking watch with the smart features at almost negligible price. Hence, we consider this purchase as the best smartwatch buy considering the money you will be paying for it.

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MOBVOI Ticwatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch


MOBVOI Ticwatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch

Founded in 2012, Mobvoi is a Chinese brand and has main core area in the AI interactions. You may not be familiar with the brand before, but it is getting noticed in the Indian market since its first smartwatch launch which was a hit in the market.

Let us take you through some outstanding features of the product which after reading you will agree that it is one of the best smartwatch buy in the market.


♦  It comes with a unique feature of dual screen- one layered on top of the other. The top is LCD display that shows time, heart rate and battery low notification. Below that is a full coloured OLED screen with smart features accessibility.

♦  It has Google wear OS that is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

♦  The watch has 4 GB onboard storage which means that you can have your music library without worrying about the space.

♦  The smart mode provides the battery life of 2 days where as the essential mode give battery life of up to 5 days which makes it the best smartwatch as per battery performance.

♦  It comes with features like heart rate monitor, steps and calorie counter, Bluetooth and built in GPS.

♦  It has Google Assistant to follow your voice commands on the go.


♦  It has unique two screen design.

♦  Amazing battery life as compared to high end watches.

♦  You can shuffle between hundreds of watch faces as per your liking.

♦  The build of the watch is quite sturdy and it is IP68 certified.


♦  Limited access to apps.

♦  Google Assistant works only with Android smartphones.

♦  No LTE features.

This smartwatch has some of the innovative features which are uncommon in trending products. In our verdict it is a win-win buy at such amazing price point and the specs of the product make it one of the best smartwatches in India.

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HONOR Magic watch 2


HONOR Magic watch 2

Founded in 2013, Honor is a well known smartphones brand and is a part of Huawei Business Group.  The last model in our best smartwatch list is from this brand and it has some promising features which are mentioned below.


♦  It has 42mm round AMOLED display with 390ppi resolution and automatic screen brightness adjusting.

♦  There are two crowns on the right side of the watch, one brings the lifestyle features on the screen when pressed and the other shows the workout menu.

♦  It comes with 15 different fitness modes that a user can choose from according to his/her likings.

♦  It is a water-proof watch with open water swimming mode that can be used in the depth of 50m which is a best smartwatch buy for the swimmers.

♦  It has built in speaker which makes it convenient while answering calls on the go without having to take out your phone.

♦  It runs on Huawei’s OS which is best for fitness and running features.

♦  Once charged the battery could last you up to 2 weeks without ditching you on the crucial usage time period.

♦  It has built in GPS and Bluetooth connectivity and also supports GLONASS satellite positioning.


♦  It has sleek and attractive design.

♦  It is a cost friendly purchase.

♦  The battery life is exceptionally great.

♦  Unlimited features for fitness enthusiasts.


♦  It attracts dust on the screen.

♦  Limited access to apps.

♦  The notification on the watch lag sometimes.

If you want a decent yet fashionable smart wearable and don’t want to dig a hole in your pocket then this particular model is the best smartwatch purchase with required smart features and light in weight. If you are a fitness freak then you should definitely go for it!

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From the above mentioned list now you know that there are numerous options available when it comes to buying the best smartwatch in India. But choosing the one that is best suitable to your usage is never an easy task.

The features and specs mentioned are sometimes difficult to understand. However, they are as important to the buyer as sugar in the cake! To help you out with these terms we have come with a buying guide that will definitely ease your task in buying the best smartwatch for yourself.




Your smartwatch will operate when it is connected to your smartphone. Most of the best smartwatches in the market are compatible with both Android and iOS. But there are also some of the smartwatches that are only compatible with specific Operating Systems. So it is very important to check whether your desired model is compatible with the OS of your phone or not.




The battery life of a smartwatch completely depends on its battery size and your usage. There are some watches that work for up to 3 to 4 days once charged and on the other hand some drain within 24 hours. The brands usually compromise on this feature for cost cutting, but you need to be aware of your usage period and choose the best smartwatch accordingly.




The appearance factor is crucial while purchasing the best smartwatch as you pay a decent amount for the product and it should complement your style and look.

The display of a smartwatch varies from being circular or rectangular with different colour and contrast or just with monochromatic display. You get touch screen or button navigation in some models. The touch screen displays are pretty much loved among the users. An ideal choice for the best smartwatch would be the one that looks smart and performs smart.




Your smartwatch should be easily accessible with your one hand as you will be wearing it on the other. For this purpose the smartwatch should be equipped with a user friendly interface that allows the user to access it seamlessly. The smooth touch screen and gesture navigation should be checked properly before buying. Our list has best smartwatch options with quick accessibility and great user interface.




Similar to smartphones, smartwatches also show variety of notifications on their display like incoming calls, text messages, emails, social media posts, alarms, etc. and avoids frequent access to your smartphone. There are some models that allow you to answer calls directly from the watch just like a Bluetooth headset. You can customize your display notifications as per your needs. Thus a best smartwatch should be assembled with multiple app notifications as per your needs.




Safety and durability automatically comes to mind when you pay a huge sum of money for a smart device. You only expect the device to run for longer period and do not lag in performance. Features like water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof increase the life span of the device. The market has options of some of the best smartwatches that accompany the user during workouts and physical activities and perform tasks effortlessly without worrying about any breakage or damage to the unit.




These features vary from device to device and you should go for the ones that are best suitable for your usage. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Voice Control

It allows you to give commands, search on the web, and navigate between apps with simple voice commands. This feature should be looked by the buyers while getting the best smartwatch.

  • Activity Tracker

It allows you to keep a track of all the activities you do. Some smartwatches also help the user to keep a check on their heart beat, steps counting; calories consumed and customize workouts as per your needs.

  • GPS

The GPS enabled watches are the best smartwatches as you can easily track your route directly through the smartwatch only.

  • Music

This allows you to access music from your watch and you can listen to your favourite songs by just tapping your smartwatch.


These are the Top Smartwatches in the Indian market. Smartwatches not only tell the time but they act as a status symbol now a day. The purchasing decision of the Smartwatch will depend on customer taste and preferences. For more professional and robust use, one can go for Fitbit, Samsung or Apple and for general use other brands can be looked upon. After a careful analysis, a purchasing decision must be made.

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