Best Power Banks In Indian Market

Power banks are the devices basically help you to store electrical energy in them. These devices can be used in case of charging a mobile device anywhere. The introduction of Power bank has bought a new revolution in the world of mobile devices and accessories.

Power banks are very convenient to carry. The size is generally which can be carried in the pocket. They are user-friendly devices and are often used and sold parallel with mobile devices and other electronic gadgets.

The evolution of power banks has bought ease in the life of electronic gadget users. Now an electronic gadget can be charged anywhere as and when required. Thus working of any person on that gadget is not interrupted. There are many brands offering reasonable and affordable best power banks in India.

Brief Table Of Listed Power Banks

Zinq Z10 ♦ 3 USB Ports
♦ Reasonable Price
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Ambrane ♦ 9 Advanced layers of the chipset protection
♦ Aesthetic appeal
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Syska Power Port 100

♦ Long Battery Life

♦ Protection against overcharging

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Micromax ♦ Anti Slip Surface
♦ Fast Charging
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Coconut PB07 ♦ Pocket-Sized
♦ Elegant Design
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Lenovo ♦ 10400mAh Battery
♦ Many Color Choices
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URBN ♦ BIS Certificate
♦ Power LED Lights
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Mi ♦ 18 Watt Fast Charger
♦ 9 Layers Of Protection
♦ Universal Compatibility
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Quantum ♦ Equipped with Premium LG Batteries
♦ 1.5 Years Warranty
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Zinq Technologies Z10KI

best power banks in India

Zinq technologies offer a power bank which is pocket-friendly and that’s why often falls under the category of Best power banks available in the market. The product is offered with the following features:

♦ 10,000mAh lithium-ion battery for long battery life

♦ 3 devices can be charged at once with its 3USB outputs

♦ Comes with LED charging indicators

♦ The power bank can be fully charged in 6 hours

♦ A 1-year warranty is offered with the product

♦ Listed at an affordable price at Amazon

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AMBRANE Power Bank

best power banks in India

Ambrane power banks come with a 10,000mAh battery and are equipped with a dual USB port. The product falls into the category of Best Power Banks has the following features

♦ It takes 7 hours to be charged fully

♦ 9 Advanced layer of chipsets protection

♦ High-quality performance and aesthetic appeal

♦ Equipped with LED Charging indicator

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Syska Power Port100

best power banks in India

Syska is a renowned internationally acclaimed organization in the field of lighting and power accessories. Syska provides one of the best power banks available in the market.

The product is best in class due to the following features:

♦ 10000mAH lithium-ion battery thus offering a prolonged battery life

♦ LED torch equipped

♦ Comes with triple USB charging

♦ Warranty of 6 months

♦ Protection against overcharging and discharging.

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Micromax 10400 mAh Power Bank

best power banks in India

Micromax is an Indian home build brand known for providing reasonable power and mobile gadgets. The product is equipped with the following features:

♦ Reasonable price of around 599 INR

♦ Superfast charging and a great backup

♦ Anti-slip surface provides greater protection

♦ Warranty of 6 months

♦ Offered in Black and Grey colors.

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Coconut PB07 10000 mAH Pocket Power Bank

best power banks in India

Coconut is a brand that has a huge potential in the market. It is currently offering a Power Bank which can reasonably fit in the list of the Best power banks due to its following features:

♦ Pocket-sized and is very convenient to carry

♦ Slim li-polymer battery

♦ LED power display

♦ Charges two devices at a time

♦ Comfortable and elegant design.

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Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank

best power banks in India

Lenovo is a quite trusted brand in electrical appliances and gadgets. Lenovo products are equipped with the best technology and it offers one of the best Power banks in the industry.

The product comes with:

♦ Compatibility with all devices

♦ It supports 2 device chargers at one time

♦ 1-year warranty

♦ Attractive design and lightweight

♦ Offered in black and white color variances.

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URBN 10000 mAh

best power banks in India

URBN is known for its sleek design and quality products. URBN is best very well known for its 10000 mAh power bank regarded as the Best Power Bank offered in the market by the company.

♦ Offered with lithium polymer batteries, this product is the ultimate solution for all your Power bank related solutions.

♦ Extended battery life, compact and easy to carry

♦ 1-year manufacturing guarantee

♦ BIS Certificate ensures that the device is safe to carry while traveling

♦ Sharp LED lights for power display.

♦ Offered in three color patterns- Camo, Grey, and Blue.

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Mi 10000mAH

best power banks in India

Mi is a giant in the industry who is shaping the industry with its affordable and quality products. The power banks of Mi are the best sellers on Amazon. The product rated as the Best Power Bank by Amazon.

♦ Comes with 18W fast charger.

♦ 9 layers of protection and advanced protection against short circuit, over current and overvoltage

♦ Unique feature of two way charging for faster charging

♦ Universal compatibility along with world-class performance.

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Quantum ZERO Standby Power Bank

best power banks in India

Quantum zero is a range of most reliable and high-performance power banks. It is one of the best power banks available in the market under the range of 1500 INR.

The product is available at a price of around 1200 INR. Some excellent features include:

♦ Equipped with Premium LG Batteries for high performance

♦ 1.5 Years warranty

♦ Massive battery of 10050 mAh extending the life of power bank for 2 days in most of the smartphones

♦ BIS Certificated ensuring guaranteed safety.

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