Best Gear Cycles In India

Best Gear Cycles In India:- Bicycles are one of the most widely used means of transportation. They are easy to ride, flexible with traffic, provide good exercise for your body and are overall cheap as compared to bikes and other means of transport. Bicycles are generally the first step in the ladder of private transportation. They provide great utility and have been the most used means of transportation with a rich history of about 2 centuries. The invention of bicycles is considered one of the greatest revolutions in transportation history, with subsequent reformations and inventions being greatly inspired by the elegant design of this amazing vehicle.

Riding a bicycle has many pros to it. It is great for short-distance travel, is pollution less, doesn’t require any fuel and thus cost-efficient and is generally considered a great exercise for your body. Today, we are going to look at Best Gear Cycles In India under 15000 INR. This list is will consider factors like features of the cycle, price and overall quality of the cycle. So without any further delay, let’s jump straight into it.

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Product Name Features Availability
Hercules Rodeo A50   Pros
♦  Front disc brakes.
♦  Aluminum alloy frame.
♦  21-speed Shimano gears.
♦  Rear brakes are wired
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Mach City iBike   Pros
♦  Lightweight steel frame bike.
♦  21-speed Shimano gears.
♦  Pedals are high-tech.
♦  No disc breaks or suspension
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Btwin Riverside 100   Pros
♦  Steel frame.
♦  6-speed Revo gears.
♦  V breaks.
♦  Does not have shock absorbers
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Kross Maximus   Pros
♦  Stainless steel frame.
♦  Front suspension.
♦  21-speed Shimano gears.
♦  A bit bulky
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Hero Ranger DTB VX   Pros
♦  18-speed Shimano gears.
♦  Dual suspension.
♦  MTB paddle, PU saddle.
♦  Too colorful
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Hercules Rodeo A50

Best Gear Cycles In India
Hercules Rodeo A50​

Hercules is one of the best cycle manufacturers in India. This British company has a rich experience of over 100 years in manufacturing bicycles and this experience shows in the overall making and looks of this amazing bicycle. This bicycle looks attractive and premium. The decals of this bike look amazingly bright and modern. It provides the rider with smooth riding experience. You can go over potholes and minor bumps quite easily. The bike comes with progressive nylon treads in tires and BB cartridge for smooth riding experience. You can even upgrade the saddle of the cycle for increased comfort. Let’s have a look at the key features and specifications of this cycle that make it the best in Best Gear Cycles In India.

♦  It comes with an 85% assembled state.

♦  The frame is 18.5 inches and made of lightweight aluminum alloy.

♦  The front wheel is equipped with a disc brake whereas the rear tire uses and wire break.

♦  The cycle comes with 21 thumbs/easy fire shifter (Shimano) gears.

♦  To increase the comfort on bumpy roads, the bike has front suspensions.

♦  It has adjustable seats and a PU saddle.

♦  The wheel size is 26 inches.

♦  It comes with front and rear reflectors.

All of these features make it one of the Best Gear Cycles In India.

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Mach City iBike

Mach City iBike​

Mach City is a renowned brand in bicycle makers. It is known for making high-quality bikes suitable for urban transportation. Its iBike series is one the best provided by the company. This cycle has multiple price variations and is available in Red, Matt Black, White, and Blue & Grey color combinations. This bike is made of lightweight steel frame with some cool features like 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear system with Revo Shifters, durable nylon tires, direct pull breaks, a quick-release front wheel, and rigid suspensions to lessen the weight, etc. let’s take a quick look at the specifications of this amazing city bike that make it one of the Best Gear Cycles In India.

♦  The bike uses a 19-inch lightweight and durable steel.

♦  It uses a TIG welded Steel Rigid Fork.

♦  It has long-lasting and comfortable thermoplastic rubber grips.

♦  It has a 580 mm Bird type Steel handlebar with ED Black finish for comfortable rides.

♦  It uses a 44T Cotterless Chain wheel and a 17 cm crank.

♦  It has a comfortable foam saddle.

♦  The front wheel and the seat post use a quick release system for easy maintenance.

♦  Pedals are made with Velodrive technology to reduce strain in difficult terrains.

These are the features that enable this bike to make into our list of Best Gear Cycles In India.

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Btwin Riverside 100

Best Gear Cycles In India

Btwin Riverside 100​

Btwin is a French bicycle manufacturer known for producing one of the finest bicycles in all of Europe and Asia. It’s Btwin Riverside 100 is a good hybrid bicycle. It is a really versatile cycle and can be used in multiple ways. It is the first bike that lets you switch between roads and trails without missing a single beat. It is designed for 30 minutes to an hour-long ride along road-worthy trails and parks. Let’s talk about the features of this bike that make it the third entry in our list of Best Gear Cycles In India.

♦  It has a single-chainring 6-speed drivetrain gear with Revo shifters.

♦  The handlebar is welded to the stem.

♦  It has 700*42 dimension tires.

♦  The stem is height-adjustable.

♦  It has optimized frame geometry.

♦  The frame is made of steel.

♦  It uses V-breaks.

♦  It comes with a 2-year warranty.

These features make it one of the Best Gear Cycles In India.

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Kross Maximus

Kross Maximus​

Kross is a Polish bicycle manufacturer brand with almost 30 years of experience in the industry. Kross Maximus is a really elegant yet beautiful looking bike with minimal decals and stunning black color. It is an overall well-built robust bicycle that provides a comfortable riding experience with its front suspensions. Let’s take a closer look at the key specifications of this cycle that make it one of the Best Gear Cycles In India.

♦  The bike is made of stainless steel which makes it really durable.

♦  The front-wheel uses disc brake whereas the rear wheel has a regular wired break.

♦  It has front suspension for increased comfort.

♦  It has 21-speed gears with Shimano thumb shifters.

♦  It comes with a free lock, water bottle, water bottle cage, combos lights (worth INR 800)

♦  The stickers can be removed altogether to get a classic all-black look.

All of the aforementioned features make it a great cycle and get a spot in our list of Best Gear Cycles In India.

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Hero Ranger DTB VX

Best Gear Cycles In India

Hero Ranger DTB VX​

Hero is India’s largest bicycle manufacturer brand and is known for consistently making quality cycles in the budget segment. Its Ranger DTB VX is solely designed to get a comfortable ride. This bike is a bit more colorful and bright. It comes with dual suspension for comfortable riding in tough terrain and rough riding. It has a good and comfortable stance for sitting. Let’s have a look at the specifications of this bike in detail one of the Best Gear Cycles In India.

♦  It has a 19.7-inch steel suspension frame.

♦  It features 18-speed Shimano shifters.

♦  It has an 85% level of assembly.

♦  It features MTB paddle, PU saddle, and nut bolt adjustment features.

♦  It comes fully loaded with Mudguard, Carrier, Stand, and Front and back reflectors.

♦  It is ideal for off-track riding experience.

♦  Available in black green and black red color combinations.

All of the above mentioned qualities make it the final entry in our list of Best Gear Cycles In India.

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Bicycles have always been an important part of our transportation and will continue to do so in the far future as well. They have lots of pros to them with almost no cons against them which makes them the Best Gear Cycles In India. All of the above-mentioned bikes are really good and provide good value for money and are highly recommended. One should definitely consider them while buying their next gear cycle.

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