Best Casual Shoe Brands For Men You Should Buy

Any outfit is incomplete without a perfect pair of shoes and they add a finishing touch to your outfit. Unlike women, men believe in having limited footwear that can complement any look they want. One such pair is of casual shoes that have to be in your wardrobe as they go with any outfit and are most comfortable shoes to wear on daily basis.

The best thing about them is that they suit your formal wear equally as they look good with your casual clothes. There are lot of brands that offer some of the best casual shoes in India; some of them are Nike, Adidas, Woodland, Red chief, etc. so it becomes confusing for the buyer which brand will be the perfect buy.

To help you with your purchase and save you time we have listed the Top 10 casual shoes brands in India which will definitely help you buy your best pair and will give you guaranteed comfort with most desirable aesthetics.

Table for Quick View

Product NameFeaturesAvailability
Adidas Men’s Casual Basketball Shoes

♦  Synthetic material

♦  High ankle closure

♦  Perforated air cushioning

♦  Lightweight

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Nike Men’s Court Royale Suede Sneakers

♦  Suede leather material

♦  Round toe style

♦  Firm outsole

♦  Attractive design

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Clarks Men’s Banbury Step Loafers

♦  Leather material

♦  Slip on closure

♦  Soft cushioned foot bed

♦  Highly durable

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Woodland Men’s Leather Clogs

♦  Genuine leather

♦  Slip on closure

♦  Rubber sole

♦  Flat heel height

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United Colors Of Benetton Men’s Boat Shoes

♦  Premium leather with stitch pattern

♦  Durable in rainy season

♦  Highly comfortable

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Red Tape Men’s Moccasins

♦  Made of genuine leather

♦  Breathable insole

♦  Thermoplastic rubber outsole

♦  Attractive design

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Red Chief Men’s Casual Shoes

♦  Leather shoes

♦  Classic looking piece

♦  Lace up closure

♦  Soft cushion foot bed

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Puma Men’s Concave Slip-on Shoes

♦  Synthetic material

♦  A pull tab for easy wear

♦  Relaxed fit

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Fila Men’s Sneakers

♦  Entirely made of rubber

♦  Lace up closure

♦  Soft textile material for insole

♦  Suitable for monsoon

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Reebok Classic Men’s Slip-Ons

♦  Canvas material

♦  Slip on type

♦  Wide round toe style

♦  Low cut design for flexibility

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Adidas Men’s Casual Basketball Shoes

*** These shoes are labeled as best casual shoes because 86% of the customers who bought these from Amazon have rated it with 4.4 stars out of 5. ***

With its prominent presence in the streetwear style, Adidas has established itself as the most iconic and influential shoe brand for men. The trend of pure white sneakers was all started by this brand which gained a huge amount of love from all over the world.

We bring you its most famous design with promising quality and comfort which makes it the best casual shoes in our opinion.

Unique Selling Point: These shoes have special cushioning around the insole that excels in providing the most comforting fit which makes Adidas as best casual shoe brand as well.


♦  The synthetic material used for making these sneakers assures the no sweat and water percolation into the shoes.

♦  They have the classic three-stripe design of the brand which makes them look trendy with a touch of the basic feel of Adidas.

♦  The high ankle closure ensures proper fitting and delivers the most appealing style.

♦  The shoe is equipped with perforated air cushioning in the footbed and around the ankle area.

♦  The outsole is made up of high-quality rubber and has a grip that allows you to move freely without worrying about slipping.


♦  The shoes are very lightweight.

♦  The cleaning of the shoes is easy despite it being in milk-white colour.

♦  Double layered cushioning for feather-like soft feel all around the day.

♦  The fitting of the shoe is amazing and looks stylish.


♦  The design may not suit everyone.

The reason behind these particular shoes marking its spot in our list of Top 10 casual shoe brands is because of the brand name and the trust it has gained by delivering the best product each time. These shoes are the trending sensation currently and are definitely an eye-catcher. So if you want to stand out in the crowd then this is the perfect pair for you!

Nike Men’s Court Royale Suede Sneakers

*** 84% of the average customers who purchased them have rated 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. ***

Nike is a world-famous shoe brand. Founded in 1964, it was named Blue Ribbon Sports and in 1971 it got its new name – NIKE. It holds the position as best shoe brand because it offers the best in class designs and quality with utmost comfort and fit which has unanimously helped this brand become the most loved shoe brand for athletes. 

Nike suede sneakers have some of the amazing features that made us place this brand in the first position. Let us take you through its specifications.

Unique Selling Point: These are the best casual shoe pair as they look very stylish and the material is of good quality.


♦  These shoes are made of 100% suede leather that guarantees the genuine quality in the making of the product.

♦  They have a round toe style in the front which provides full comfort even if you have a broad foot. 

♦  The clean texture of the shoe prevents tearing and blowouts.

♦  The shoes have a soft cushioning on the footbed that gives the most comfortable and soft footrest throughout the day.

♦  The rubber outsole provides a firm grip on the most uneven terrains.

♦  The lace-up closure is the ideal purchase as you can adjust the fitting as per your liking.


♦  Attractive design for everyday casual wear.

♦  The material has breathability that prevents odor of the sweat. 

♦  High quality cushioning for utmost comfort and fit.


♦  The wear and tear of the shoe are not that durable.

This particular pair is our most favorite of all as they look stylish when on and are perfect daily wear for college or to your office. The stability and the fit of the shoes are of unmatchable quality and this is the reason we placed it in our Top 10 casual shoe brands list.

Clarks Men’s Banbury Step Loafers

*** 70% of the customers have rated it with 3.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon. ***

Clarks is a British based International shoe brand that is well known to manufacture designer shoe pieces for men. It was founded by two brothers Cyrus and James Clark in 1825. 

The brand stands strong for about 200 years now and has been gaining attention by its some of the most sophisticated shoes that definitely make it the best casual shoe brand. We have selected these loafers from Clarks because of the following reasons mentioned below.

Unique Selling Point: That extra heel height makes the fit of the shoe more relaxed and gives the perfect business casual look making it the best casual shoe for Indians.


♦  The material used in the formation of these loafers is leather that provides a beautiful natural shine to the outer surface.

♦  The slip-on closure of the shoe ensures a comfortable and hassle-free fitting to the buyer.

♦  The insole of the shoes has a soft cushioning that helps relax your foot all day long.

♦  The tan brown color of the shoes makes them perfect for business casuals and formal parties. 

♦  The outsole consists of flexible rubber material that prevents it from slipping.


♦  Great product quality.

♦  Minimum heel height for that complete formal look.

♦  Slip resistant sole.

♦  Medium width of the shoe ensures a secured fit.


♦  During the warmer season, it may cause your foot to sweat after some time.

All these attractive features made these shoes stand out in our list of top 10 casual shoe brands and if you are looking for those perfect business casuals then this is definitely worth your money.

Woodland Men’s Leather Clogs

*** This particular type of woodland shoes is a newbie in the market and hasn’t yet been reviewed on Amazon. ***

Woodland is the part of the company named Aero Group that has been a well-known shoe manufacturer since the 1950s in Canada. It came to India in 1992 and it took the entire shoe market by the storm with launching its first hand-stitched shoe. 

Since then, the company has gained popularity and is definitely one of the best casual brands in India. We have selected the clogs from this brand. Clogs are basically loafers with laces and textured pattern.

Unique Selling Point: The material of the shoe is very soft and has high durability. This is the USP that makes them one of the best casual shoes available.


♦  These are made with the genuine leather material with the tassels on the top.

♦  The slip-on closure makes them your go-to wear.

♦  The sole of the shoe is made up of rubber to provide you the required grip and stability.

♦  The insole has a material that allows the breathability of the foot.

♦  The flat heel helps you wear them all around the day with ease and relaxation.


♦  A round toe from the front ensures enough foot space.

♦  The popular camel color makes them look trendy.

♦  The material soaks the excessive moisture on the foot.


♦  Not suitable for wet regions.

This particular design has our heart as it looks smart when worn. The brand in particular promises great fit and comfort; hence they had to be in our list of top 10 casual shoe brands in India.

United Colors Of Benetton Men’s Boat Shoes

*** These shoes being the fresh arrival on the website have not been reviewed on Amazon yet. ***

Founded in 1965, UCB is an Italy based brand that is highly known for its distinctive and unique fashion wear. The brand also offers some of the uniquely designed footwear and promises the best in class quality and durability. Thus, it is considered as one of the best casual shoe brands.

Unique Selling Point: The boat style of the shoe has a special treaded pattern on the sole that ensures a firm grip to the wearer. Thus they make the best casual shoe pair for uncertain terrains.


♦  Made with the premium quality leather and a stitch pattern on the front of the shoe.

♦  The insole of the shoe has a comfortable cushioning which prevents your foot from shoe bite.

♦  It can be worn with or without socks and are the most stylish everyday casual.

♦  The outsole is made up of rubber with a unique pattern for the proper grip on the slippery paths.


♦  Attractive build of the shoe is worth the money.

♦  Highly comfortable with perfect fitting.

♦  The shoes are durable and will walk with you a long way.


♦  Slightly on the expensive side.

This particular shoe is worth your attention to everyday casuals. They complete your look be it for your college wear or just chilling around with your boy’s gang, they are definitely a must buy. The features and the quality of the shoes made it grab a spot in our list of top 10 casual shoe brands in India.

Red Tape Men’s Moccasins

*** 74% of the buyers who bought these shoes have rated them with 3.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. ***

Red Tape is an Indian brand that is making its mark globally.  The brand is known for providing unparalleled comfort with skilled craftsmanship and has high-quality products. It is undoubtedly the best casual shoe brand

Moccasins are also similar to loafers but they do not have a separate sole and heels are flat. The other features of the shoe are as below.

Unique Selling Point: These shoes have the most flexible material, suitable for everyday casuals and also for special occasions. This being USP of the shoe makes it the best casual shoe for everybody. 


♦  The shoes are made of leather and the company offers two color variants- black and tan brown.

♦  The insole is made up of soft material that ensures the breathability of the foot.

♦  The outsole is made up of thermoplastic rubber which provides an amazing grip to the foot.

♦  It has embroidered texture on the top and on the sides that make it suitable for ethnic wear also.

♦  The round toe style proves to be most comfortable for your foot.


♦  It has a business casual look to the shoes.

♦  It can be worn on any surface either rocky or wet.

♦  It can also go well with everyday outfits.


♦  They are heavy in weight as compared to the rest of the entries.

Overall the shoes are a must-have to add a variety to your collection. They also offer the most relaxed fit and amazing grip even on the watery surface. The best part is the price range of the product that has made us place it in our list of top 10 casual shoe brands in India.

Red Chief Men’s Casual Shoes

*** An average of 77% of the buyers who tried their feet on these shoes has rated them with 3.8 stars out of 5. ***

Red chief is a well known brand in India which particularly makes only leather boots and especially releases them in their signature tan coloured leather. The brand has gained a lot of fame and support from Indians by delivering them the genuine product at affordable price. Hence this being the reason we consider it as one of the best casual shoe brands in India.

Unique Selling Point: The simplified look of the shoes is its USP. These definitely deserve to be in our top 10 casual shoe brands list. Just put them on and let the shoes do the talking!


♦  As mentioned, the shoes are made of 100% genuine leather.

♦  They come with a soft cushion bed on the insole and behind the ankle to provide the most comfortable experience.

♦  The lace-up closure helps the buyer adjust the fitting as per his foot width.

♦  It has a beautiful stitch design on the top and sides of the boot which gives it the sophisticated look.

♦  The outsole of the shoe is made up of thermoplastic rubber which provides the best grip and stability on uneven surface.


♦  Very comfortable to wear on everyday basis.

♦  Breathable cushioning on the foot bed.

♦  Strong and durable build quality.


♦  It is a hustle to clean them very frequently.

The appealing looks of the shoe with such amazing features made us place it in our top 10 casual shoe brands list. The product is worth every penny and will last you for many years.

Puma Men’s Concave Slip On Shoes

*** These are one of the best casual shoes on Amazon as they have received a rating of 4 stars out of 5. ***

Founded in 1948, Puma is a German brand that has become the third-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. It is definitely one of the best casual shoe brands as it offers the most comfortable shoes be it sportswear or casual wear.

Unique Selling Point: The best casual shoes for the ones craving for the ultimate comfort to their foot. It feels like you are wearing only socks!


♦  The upper material of the shoe is synthetic and offers great elasticity on the broad foot types.

♦  The back end comes with a pull tab that makes it convenient while wearing them.

♦  The insole of the shoe has cushioning which offers a relaxed fit to the buyer.

♦  The outsole is of rubber which holds the grip of your foot to the floor tightly and prevents any mishaps.

♦  The netted texture over the top has the brand logo making its aesthetics more presentable.


♦  It offers an amazing fit to the complete foot.

♦  An ideal purchase for daily office wear, gym, or walking.

♦  It is a budget-friendly product.


♦  Not suitable for monsoon weather as they hold moisture.

These shoes had to be in our top 10 casual shoe brands list as the brand offers a great deal at such an affordable rate and we know you will not mind buying that extra pair of casual shoes for your daily wear!

Fila Men’s Aero Sneakers

*** Around 70% of the customers have rated this product with 3.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon. ***

Fila is a South Korean brand that is known mainly for manufacturing activewear. Its shoes are quite affordable and are made of breathable, soft, and comfy material. This genuinely makes the brand as one of the best casual shoe brands for the Indian market.

Unique Selling Point: These are the best pair of casual shoes for the rainy season as they are made of rubber and are water repellent. 


♦  The shoes are made up of rubber material which makes it convenient for cleaning.

♦  The lace-up closure is best for every kind of foot width as you can adjust it as per your fit.

♦  The insole is equipped with soft textile that provides a comfortable cushioning to the foot.

♦  The outsole is again made of rubber which gives the foot complete stability and grip.


♦  These shoes look stylish and are comfy as well.

♦  They are suitable for college students and during hangouts.

♦  The fit of the shoe is reliable. 

♦  Perfect for monsoons.


♦  The material of the shoe is not of that great quality.

The brand offers its buyers an option of casual shoes at a very affordable price with genuine comfort and stability. The build of the shoe is soft and the texture provides a relaxed fit. This is why we placed it in our top 10 casual shoe brands list. It gets a green signal from our side.

Reebok Classic Men’s Slip-Ons

*** 80% of the buyers have rated these shoes with 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon. ***

Formerly Reebok was originated in England in 1958, but later the American brand Adidas took over it, and now Reebok is a subsidiary of the giant Adidas. Similar to Adidas, Reebok also offers great quality to its customer when it comes to footwear and sportswear which also makes it worth saying as the best casual shoe brand available in India.

Unique Selling Point: The shoe features a special low cut design that increases the mobility without tiring your feet.


♦  These sneakers are made up of canvas material that allows you to wash them without worrying about the damage.

♦  They are slip-on type and so you don’t have to worry about the fit being too snug around your ankle.

♦  The insole is made of canvas and has soft perforated cushioning all around till the ankle.

♦  The outsole is again rubber material which ensures you a proper grip.

♦  The low cut design of the shoe increases mobility.

♦  The soft textile material makes your foot feel soft and breathable.


♦  They provide total flexibility to the buyer.

♦  They are highly durable.

♦  Soft and breathable experience throughout the day.

♦  Cost friendly purchase.


♦  The insole quality is not up to the mark.

In our verdict, these pairs of shoes are the perfect buy for everyday casuals as they look stylish, the canvas material is not a problem even if they get dirty and most importantly you get the trust of the brand that has gained its name by delivery best to its customer. This entry is definitely worth saying as the best casual shoe brand for everyday wear.

Now that you have gone through our list of Top 10 Casual Shoes brands in India, we know that you will agree these brands are actually the best in the market. But before you click on the “buy now” option, there are some criteria you should be keeping in mind while adding the best casual shoes to your collection.

Buying Guide

1. Material

Earlier there used to be either leather or canvas shoes. The choice of material was very limited back then. But nowadays you get to select from a bunch of options. Apart from genuine leather and canvas, the best casual shoes brands offer their shoes in faux leather, plastic, suede, mesh and in velvet material too. 

Generally, the most preferred material is leather and the shoes made of leather have an exquisite look to it and are most durable as well. They mostly go with all your formals and also with jeans and t-shirts. These shoes are porous so they provide good breathability to your feet making them a go to wear all the time.

The canvas shoes are mostly popular in summer season as they are lightweight and the shoes like sneakers and espadrills are loved by men in the scorching hot summer as they are very soft to your feet and also feel comfy. Similarly, you have option of choosing plastic or rubber shoes that will be your companion in monsoon and during uncertain rainy days.  

2. Sole

No need to mention this, that the sole of your shoe provides proper grip to you while walking. In this list of Top 10 casual shoes brands we have shortlisted the brands that provide best grip and never disappoint us with the outsole quality. 

As a buyer, you should always check what material is used in the sole. If you are someone who wants your casual shoes to be your companion in the uncertain paths then always go for the rubber or gum rubber material as these materials are known for providing that extra grip to your shoes.

3. Design

The design is something that you will definitely look while getting the best casual shoes for yourself, but you should be particular about the weather conditions of your area as you cannot wear a boat designed casual shoes in rain as it will wet your feet easily. To our surprise we came across multiple designs under this section. There are sneakers, mules, loafers, flat boots, espadrills, derbys, clogs and boat shoes which are in the lime light when we talk about casuals. So choose your type as per your likings and comfort.

4. Comfort Level

As soon as casual comes to mind the first thing that clicks is the amount of comfort you expect from them. Now we all know that casual shoes are meant for everyday wear so when you choose particular pair does not forget to see what type of insole material is used. As the soft cushioned material provides the highest comfort even when you have miles to walk!

5. Heel Height

Generally, the heel height is everyone’s individual preference but we recommend you to go for air cushioned mid sole that will deliver maximum stability in the uncertain terrains even if you go for desired heel height. The top 10 casual shoes brands shortlisted by us have the top class grip and stability in their shoes.

6. Fit

We don’t need to mention this but find the perfect fit for your foot. You should be aware that different brands have different size measures. So be it online or offline purchase but don’t forget to measure your foot size and select your perfect pair accordingly.

7. Price

It is not necessary that an expensive shoe will be the best in quality and comfort. There are many brands that offer the best quality product at the genuine rates. So we recommend you to select your pair smartly. But don’t be afraid to spend some extra bucks on your pair as they last you for a long period and are always value for money purchase.


We hope that this list of top 10 casual shoes has been helpful to you in choosing your best pair of shoes. Of course, the final decision is of the buyer but nowadays the trends are so much pacing and are always on a sudden shift that surfing the internet for a pair of shoes and short listing the preferences consumes a lot of time. And we know that time constraint is what the real matter is. So we compiled all the necessary tips and tricks and most importantly listed the best casual shoe brands so that you get everything at just one stop. So what are you waiting for go ahead and get yourself your right pair of shoes and thank us later!

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