Best Bluetooth Earphones in India

Best Bluetooth Earphones in India:- Music is an essential part of our culture and everyday lives. It is the ultimate stress buster for many of us. But which earphones do you use for listening to your favorite songs? Is it the same old wired earphones? If yes, then it’s time for you to get a major upgrade in terms of earphones. Wireless Bluetooth earphones are quintessential electronics to have in your collection. They not only provide the luxury of doing numerous tasks without hassles but they also make you look cool.

Buying the right Bluetooth earphones can be a tricky task for many of us especially considering all the choices available in the market. To provide you with the desired ease, we have compiled a list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India under 3000. We have ranked the earphones based on their performance, features and price to ensure that the product provides a good value for your money. So without further delay, let’s jump straight into it.

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Product NameFeaturesAvailability
Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Handset (Neckband)♦  Elegant design.
♦  Excellent sound with extra bass.
♦  33-feet wireless range.
♦  In-built mic
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Mivi Thunder Beats (BE41-SG) Wireless Earphones  ♦  Robust remote functions.
♦  Impressive magnetic look.
♦  20m Bluetooth range.
♦  Tangle-free cord
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CrossBeats Wave Bluetooth Headset  ♦  Excellent sound quality.
♦  Water and sweat-resistant.
♦  High flexibility.
♦  8 hours of battery life
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1More iBFree Wireless Earphones  ♦  Adjustable fit.
♦  Inlined microphone with tangle-free wire.
♦  Disturbance-free.
♦  Can be used during sports activities
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Focal Spark Wireless Earphones  ♦  Excellent sound output.
♦  Tangle-free cable.
♦  Good build quality
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Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Handset (Neckband)

Best Bluetooth Earphones in India
Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Handset (Neckband)​

Skullcandy is a popular brand for quality earphones. This is one of the first choices of Bluetooth earphones in the budget segment for many people. The design of this earphone is attractive enough for someone to buy it instantly. The sound quality of the earphone is amazing. Let’s talk about the features that make it one of the Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

♦  The earphone is light-weight and easily portable.

♦  The neckband of this earphone is quite comfortable and sweat resistant which makes it the ideal option to be used in all seasons.

♦  The neckband is flexible as well and can be easily packed in a bag without breaking.

♦  The high-quality mic and inline remote of this earphone let you enjoy uninterrupted voice calls.

♦  It has a long-lasting 8-hour battery.

♦  It has in-built microphones and has Bluetooth version 4.1.

♦  The weight of the earphones is balanced with all the control buttons being placed on the Neckband.

♦  It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Overall, the earphone is the perfect blend of attractive fashion accessories and amazing sound quality. This earphone allows you to enjoy every beat of your favorite music and thus, makes as the first entry in our list Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

Mivi Thunder Beats (BE41-SG) Wireless Earphones

Mivi Thunder Beats (BE41-SG) Wireless Earphones​

Mivi is a relatively new company in manufacturing smartphone accessories. This Hyderabad based startup has quickly escalated in terms of popularity as Earphone Makers. This earphone is best suited for people that love high-bass music. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications that allow it to make a spot in our list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

♦  The earphones come in a hard-case outer packing to make it easier to travel with them.

♦  It has a premium and stylish metal casing.

♦  The outer casing of the earphone is magnetic to ensure that they don’t tangle.

♦  It comes with extra heavy bass.

♦  It has a long 7-hour lasting battery.

♦  It provides a stable connection within an effective radius with Bluetooth version 4.1.

♦  It can be paired with 2 devices simultaneously.

This earphone will definitely take your music experience to the next level. These features justify its position on Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

CrossBeats Wave Bluetooth Headset

CrossBeats Wave Bluetooth Headset​

CrossBeats is a US-based brand that is known for making earphones for everyone. This Wave Bluetooth Headset is no exception to this. These earphones are designed to fit every ear type and size and thus provide an extremely comfortable musical experience. It has been designed top output HD sound quality to the user. Let’s have a look at the key specification of this product and what makes it special in our list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

♦  It comes with ear hooks to provide maximum comfort and stability in the ear.

♦  Its ear-tip is designed to block all external noises to provide clear HD audio. It also helps protect the user’s eardrums.

♦  It is highly flexible.

♦  It is sweat and water-resistant which allows you to use them irrespective of the weather conditions.

♦  It has a battery life of 8 hours.

♦  It comes with Bluetooth version 4.1 and has a 1-year warranty.

All of these above-mentioned features and specifications make this one of the best in our list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India. This earphone will definitely impress you with its overall performance.

1More iBFree Wireless Earphones

1More iBFree Wireless Earphones​

1More is a San Diego based earphone manufacturer known for providing earphones with elegant design and great comfort. This earphone comes with ease of use and is a preferred earphone among sports-loving people. It has unique features with amazing sound quality in a budget range. Let’s talk about those features and what makes them special in our Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

♦  This earphone has a 45o oblique angled ergonomic design that can fit comfortably in-ear.

♦  It does not come out or tangles while doing sports activities.

♦  It comes with 4 extra personalized fitting ear tips.

♦  It uses Bluetooth 4.1 along with aptX codec to play HD music.

♦  It provides a sensitivity of 98 dBm to protect the eardrums of its user and also reduces external noises.

♦  It offers an impedance of 32 ohms.

♦  It has improved the bass response.

♦  It is a sweat-resistant earphone and can be used while working out or sports activities.

♦  It provides 8 hours of usage time upon 2 hours of charging.

All of these great features make it a great choice of earphones and also allows it to make our list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

Focal Spark Wireless Earphones

Focal Spark Wireless Earphones​

Focal is an old-school Audio Systems Maker brand from France. Known for its high-end products in the European market, it quickly secured itself a place in the India market as well. It provides high-quality audio and calling experience that will definitely impress you. It has a premium design and is made of long-lasting high-quality material. Let’s discuss the qualities of this product and what makes it a good choice to put into this list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India.

♦  The ear tips are made using semi-transparent silicon and are sweat-resistant.

♦  The ear tips are also anti-slip which makes them more comfortable while motioning or other physical activities.

♦  The flat style cable is strong and tangle-free.

♦  The electrodynamic driver used in this earphone provides maximum bass and minimum noise interruptions. 

♦  It offers a sensitivity of 103dB to maintain equilibrium between the melody and noises.

♦  The earphone can deliver impressive mid and high-level sounds along with high-quality bass.

♦  It also has built-in aptX codec to improve the audio quality, especially during calls.

♦  It outputs 8 hours of regular performance upon 2 hours of charging.

These are the qualities that impressed us to place this earphone as the final entry in our list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India. The attractive design and performance make this one of the best options available.


Choosing the correct and suitable Bluetooth earphones can be a difficult job. The decision shall be made with utter care and consideration of all factors. The products described above are well-suited for a general audience. All of them are really great products and are highly suggested. These products are Best Bluetooth Earphones in India one should definitely consider them while buying their next Bluetooth earphones.

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